Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our New Adventure

What do you think was the first thing I did when I got up this morning?

No it wasn't Peee.

I turned on my computer. Checked a few emails, then I peeed. TMI I know.

Then I said "HEY make those screenshots and post them in AOL". At least there those who still have their alerts active can have a tutorial.
I'm lovingly refering to this place as "the Spot".

I must say, the thought of losing JLAND began to terrify me. Seriously. I was so grateful to have started my journal - it has taken me to places I never thought I'd be. It is great therepy. My dear friends have given me the courage and strength I knew I had deep down somewhere. Losing this emotional contact would have devastaed me.
We ARE JLAND........and will always be. That is ours alone and no one can strip that from us. When we say JLAND, only WE will know the true heartfelt meaning behind that.

But just like the great friends and family we are...we're here, struggling together, calling for that "cup of sugar". It's as if we've all been dumped on an Island together, we're rebuilding our "homes" and asking for decorating tips.

I love you all dearly.....


It's Just Me! said...

Thanks for the comforting words. It looks as though your having fun.
Take care and enjoy,

Traci said...

Fear not! It's kinda fun, I think! Seeing how everyone has redecorated and such!

Robin said...

Looking GREAT over here! So glad we are all in this together.

Love ya!

Rose said...

Thank you FRIEND, me thinks this is going to be all right! xox rose

Ken said...

You may want to post here that you changed the name to Coastal Comfort II. I was following you on the original name, and when I tried to link through to leave a comment, it said blog does not exist. So, I went to your aol site and say the rename. I "stopped" following the original, and then clicked to tne new, and now follow the new and was able to click through using google reader :o)

Chris said...

How did you get the http to change, Sharon? I changed my title but the IRL is still coming up with my old name....grrr. I'm too old for love ya,

Jill Marie said...

Ahh, some how I had already had an account here, I forgot all about it.
I don't think I liked it much though because I only made one entry and couldn't make my way through things very easily. I guess I'll have to give it a try again and hope for the best.
But yours is looking great. Good Luck!
Jill Marie

Rose said...

How did you add your animated graphics? I'm confused

Hugs, Rose

lisa jo said...

did you start a new blog here...this one or change the name? I am so damn confused.

hey, pee is with TWO e's, not three.


Donna said...

I think we may have a new Motto Ü

I'm lovingly refering to this place as ("the Spot".)

Thanks Sharon for all the encouraging words. Can you please tell me how to dress up my Blogger page!!!


Leslie said...

Your right, it doesn't matter where we all are, or what we call ourselves... but that we're all still reading and writing.

I like the new home.

Lisa said...

Hi Sharon,
So glad to find you and your new place looks great.... I'm starting to feel at home... but it sure has been a lot of work getting everyone transfered, lost and found again LOL. I think we are all going to like our new spot, don't you? I LOVE the part of this entry that says, WE ARE J LAND! This should be the entry of the year my friend!!!!