Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Used To Changes

That's what life's all about anyway.


But I don't do changes well.

Boss still wants me to cut out a day a week.


I'm thinking about applying online to Toys R Us for part time seasonal work. That would give me a little (emphasis on little) extra. We'll see.

I'm still going to look into the unemployment availabilities. If I work less than 3 normal days (true) then BOSS can file me as a displaced type of employee - one who is still employed but on part time status because of economy or lack of business.

Hubby doesn't know yet what to do about the court decision.

Miss T is turning into a pre-teen complete with attitude, looks, thoughts, deeds and words. Can I survive raising a teenage girl?

Can I handle being on blogspot instead of in JLand where I'm comfy?

Where's my blankie?

Testing this out

Since AOL announces it's Journal Demise I thought I'd check this out. I am currently blogging through AOL at -http://journals.aol.com/tpiez4me/CoastalComfort/ just in case you may know me already. I have met many wonderful people through my AOL journal that I do not wish to lose. So here I am, trying this on for size.