Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Used To Changes

That's what life's all about anyway.


But I don't do changes well.

Boss still wants me to cut out a day a week.


I'm thinking about applying online to Toys R Us for part time seasonal work. That would give me a little (emphasis on little) extra. We'll see.

I'm still going to look into the unemployment availabilities. If I work less than 3 normal days (true) then BOSS can file me as a displaced type of employee - one who is still employed but on part time status because of economy or lack of business.

Hubby doesn't know yet what to do about the court decision.

Miss T is turning into a pre-teen complete with attitude, looks, thoughts, deeds and words. Can I survive raising a teenage girl?

Can I handle being on blogspot instead of in JLand where I'm comfy?

Where's my blankie?


Emmi said...

ok ... do tell me how you set alerts & do you have the foggiest how to add comments to blogs that want a username & pw? I know, lots of darn questions. I'm hoping you've played around here more than I have.

Chris said...

Hi Sharon, I have one here somewhere but I'm soooo lost and hate change also. Is there an alert system. Ugga bugga....Love ya, Chris

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Where is this mess going to end...hope that things pick up and the boss gives you your time back..wishing you a good week..Hugs,TerryAnn

D said...

I'm here... I'm using the followers thingy to keep track of entries for now anyway

Barb said...

I haven't been around in a while and am glad you sent me the email. I already a blog under the same name, Diary of a Mad Woman. I don't know what will happen to it. It may disappear being the same name as my AOL journal. I HATE CHANGE. LOL Hugs, Barb

Rose said...

sniff, sniff...sometimes life just sucks...then we move on...so happy I won't be alone!! can you share that blankie???


bookncoffee said...

If I can survive a Teen...you can...lol
Well, I've not survived yet though. Maybe I shouldn't talk.
Have a good day in blogland. lol...blogland...lol
BLand? lol

Anonymous said...

Change can be a good thing. I'm happy to have all the people for J-land here. Love you guys. :)

Indigo said...

We'll all learn together hon. AOL kind of dumped the whole load in out laps to figure out without much notice. Glad to see you here! (Hugs)Indigo

Sugar said...

happy you made it! i'm here too, but barely, lol
will be a struggle for some of us, but we can do, will just take time.

It's Just Me! said...

Happy to see you got set up. I think this is gonna be fun. Take care and enjoy your Today,