Sunday, May 23, 2010


May-be I'm getting the old me back.

I've changed up my medicines and I'm eating less.

I do feel better. My friend and I have had a hard time making it to the gym lately, I was sick one week, then she the next. Soon.

In the meantime, I'm getting more energy - starting to "spring" into action, although a bit late for "Spring". The sun is shining and the temperatures are great right now. Miss T and I enjoyed a dip in the pool last weekend with my nephew; 2 birthday parties this weekend - perfect days for them. Now she wants to go to the movies - not a bad idea since it's about to rain.

But I need to stay home lol.....sigh....Momma Taxi!!

Hubby and I enjoyed an afternoon boat ride on Friday. We followed a school of porpoises up the waterway hoping for the "million dollar shot"..... didn't happen, but it was fun just watching them leisurely swim upstream. One came right by the boat, but I didn't see him in time to take a pic.

I showed hubby how to get to the Island from the Waterway on the north side of the dock. Hmmmm things were ok until we grounded on a sandbar. They're bad over on the sound side of the island and you need to keep a sharp eye out. Luckily, 3 jet ski's came by and towed us off.