Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks & Giving

Yeah the Turkey is finally outta here.....but I really like cold turkey especially the sandwiches. But only the white meat! I'll even eat cold dressing!

Miss T and myself joined the rest of the family at my Mom's house for the feast. My little brother had brought a girl-guest with him. Of course Tom is still in TX and was missed at the table.

Everyone has been sick....except my Nanny. But her heat system is broke and they are ordering the part. She cannot even run the emergency heat, so I am insisting that she stay with us at least at night...she goes home during the day to do her "busy work". She has to be doing something and at 86 I would hope I would be too.

Miss T was home from school all week with her cold/flu whatever it was...sore throat and cough/sneeze/snot etc. I only worked one day this week....and I'll get paid for Thursday. Whoooopie eh? That's ok.....I'm thankful I have a job and things will pick up soon for us. If not....I'll worry about that later.

While we were home this week Miss T put up our tree....I've never had it up this early before in my life! She did a great job - ran me out of the room until it was time to put on the lights.

What kind of lights do you have?
I insist on ALL WHITE and at least 1000 on my tree. Tom says planes have trouble landing because of it. It seriously troubles my eyes when I'm decorating it....and it is done in RED decorations too....

I use a big bow on top. No angel or star for me.

I've also been gathering the gifts and wrapping them. My Brother & SIL and I decided we'd do only for the kids this year....we're all watching the wallet. But I didn't exactly stick to the plan...I ordered a magazine and a cookbook for her. Shhhhhh don't tell. It will be ok...I'll just say it's from Miss T.

She and I spent about 5 hours today in the mall....just wandering around. Not in any hurry, just somewhere to be, had lunch there at Chick Fil A and got a Great American Cookie cookie....hers was Snickerdoodle and I got triple chocolate chunk.

Tonight I packed a box to send to the nephew's in TX...I'm getting into the spirit of giving this year. They're both big Carolina Panthers fans...go figure. The oldest was born here, so he has an excuse. The little one just wants to be like big brother. Tom's been having a blast playing with them....lots of testosterone in that house, unlike ours.

Christmas! Yikes......I'm getting my house decorated INSIDE. It was raining today, so nothing outside yet. I really dread doing that one by myself this year since Tom won't be home until late on the 10th.

Hey Martha, Shelly, Angie, Bethe & Rose....I'm heading SOUTH for the winter...well, at least a week of winter. Planning to FLY in on the to da beach for a circle of drums and beer for the weekend, then head up to the FIL's. He'll just have to live with the fact that we're not going straight to his house first. It's MY vacation.....

So Robin that means LUNCH OK????

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How fast can you type?

71 words


This was the second try.
Funny seemed to stall because I know I can type faster than that!

Anyway where have I been?

BUSY! With Tom gone I'm a "single mom" getting the kid off to school, packing lunches, being the Dance Taxi and chief cook and bottle washer! Whew!

Today is Miss T's 12th birthday. She said "this has been a weird birthday". First, I didn't have a cake, because she's getting the Cookie for her Ice Skating party Friday night. So.....I had those Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls and popped them in the oven this morning. I figure, that's cake enough. Hmmmmm now where's a candle?
Good Grief! Not one single birthday candle in this house. SO whatta ya do? You grab a votive!

She sat down and shook her head at the candle and roll. Hey, you do whatever you can to make the most of the moment. She made the wish and ate the roll.

What did I get her? HA! Nothing....yet. Well, that's not completely true. We had just gone shopping for some warm pants last night, and some shirts, and a new sleeping bag, and a movie, robe and socks, gloves, hat and scarf......oh yeah and a green fuzzy pillow and bath gel.

Once she said she'd like to have a Nintendo DS, but she has a Game Boy. Don't know if she really wants the DS....she even said so.

After school my Nanny met us at the house and gave her 2 gifts; a chair from American Girl Dolls and a long sleeve T-shirt with a monkey all tangled up in Christmas lights on the front of it.....and collards.

After dance we ran to a favorite hot dog place and had a load of fun. The owner (a friend) made a fuss over her princess hat and threatened to sing to her. I told him I'd pay him NOT TO!

Then it was off to my Mom's....card and cha-ching!

Oh? What's that? Where's Tom? He's in Texas. Helping his brother who is swamped with work after the hurricane in the Houston area. He calls at least twice a day and is in good spirits (and not the kind in the bottle).

My OCD's have not consumed me since he's been gone and that is a GREAT thing. (Knocking on wood)

I had a talk with "Santa" today and he concurred on some gifts for this year. He assured me they're "in the bag" and on the way. This kid has a list as long as your arm of nothing but American Girl Doll stuff.

Do you think one day I can sell all this stuff and get her a car?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rake Mice & Sunglasses at Night

Wow time flies.........I've tried to post before, but blogger loves to upload about 425 of one picture, so I said "grrrr" and gave up.

So what's up along my Coast? Well.... let's see.

1) My bestestfriendinthewholewideworld was going to Illinios to see the estranged hubby BUT that got canned quickly when his parents said "If she came ...." well, you can imagine. So he's still letting the 'rents dictate his life. She may move to Raleigh.

2) The weather is nice.....65-70 daytime; about 40 at night. The leaves have really colored out nicely. I'm still running my AC from time to time.

3) My stepDad and baby bro are in CA visiting the middle movie star brother. Then off to Vegas for a day or two.

4) Tom is going to TX for about 3.5 weeks to help his brother with some overwhelming plumbing jobs........cha-ching.....let's hope he sends da money home!!

and the greatest news........

Miss T going to NC School of the Arts in February for 3 days of dance classess WOO HOO! Can you say Proud Momma!!!

She is so excited! Her ballet teacher chose some of the top dancers in her age group plus is taking all of the Seniors that can go. We'll go up on a Thursday afternoon, classes will be promptly at 8am on Fri & Sat with a show on one of those nights....there's also a class early Sunday too. That's gonna be one tired kid!

What will I do?????


Now about my caption.....

Last weekend Tom and I picked Miss T up from my mom's and as we were driving down the road I noticed the lights on the truck were very dim (9pm). I mentioned it but TnT didn't notice a difference. Then I tried the High Beams and said "hmmm they look dim too". Then Miss T looks at me and says "MOM! You've got your sunglasses on" and I swear I don't remember clipping them on!

We had a good laugh on that one.

Then this past weekend I said to Miss T that it was time for her to learn some other cooking methods.....she is a rice and gravy lover, and that was her request for lunch. So I said to her, "Come over here and I'll teach you how to Rake Mice".......I never knew I said it till she started laughing and repeated it....."Did I really say 'rake mice'?".......

Someone send me a box of Calgon!