Friday, May 27, 2011

Ode to a Friend

Ashley sums it up in her blog about our esteemed Judge Carroll.

I met John not long after he had become Judge for our District.  We had a mutual legal friend and I introduced myself as such.  Noting the Judge's witty characteristics, I tossed in a bit of my own wit too.  Quickly I was happy to make his acquaintance and find him to be a "real" person, a regular guy.  The genuine kind, not the stuffy judge behind the bench better than you kind.  This man was human and compassionate.  He had a veal for life and people. 

I had opportunity to watch him in action - in Court.  He commanded respect, he deserved respect.  He treated the cases fairly, and didn't take any beef!  If it was right it was right; if it was WRONG - you knew it!  Someone asked me once if I thought that his judgment was fair and I said "Yes".  Most people leave court thinking a ruling isn't fair.  But, crime isn't fair - did you steal from Granny?  Well, guess what....just because she's your Granny doesn't excuse anything!!

He was always happy to meet you - see you on the street, in the store, at a restaurant or at our kids school (our daughters are in the same grade/school/classes).  John enjoyed being with his family.  We don't often see that in many Dads (parents) these days.  It was refreshing to know that John Carroll was one of the "good guys", the one you could count on, a man of integrity.  Our community has suffered a great loss.  John was giving, kind and funny, always had a smile and something to say!!

When John was called back to Iraq, I remember seeing him at school in his desert clothes.  I don't remember if it was before going or just after coming back.  It seemed like he wanted to make sure to speak with his children at that time, before/after his deployment.  Some would have just said "hello/goodbye" as they passed each other at home.  I wish all parents paid this much close attention to their kids.  When he came home, the school posted a banner outside "WELCOME HOME".

He truly touched the lives of all he came in contact with. 

So,'ve received a special Angel this week.  Beware:  this one comes with stories and wit and may be toking on a cigar, but you'll be glad to have him!

John, friend, thank you for all that you stood for, all that you have shown us.  We will miss you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here My Is.....

Hiatus.....well, yeah I guess.
I'd like to say that I've been super busy, but that's not the case at all.
Bummed out....blah, could care less.
Watching others, wallering in my own boredom.
All around me I see things to do, places to go, people to meet.
But no......alas, I am safe in my cocoon.

I know once I'm "back in the swing" I'd have fun, feel, where's that swing?

Miss T is preparing for the 8th Grade Formal.....not so formal; just a bit more dressy than church clothes.  Got the dress, necklace and what to do with hair?  She loves it long and straight.  Guess we'll pull up some and give it some springy curls and hope they stay!  She has that fine hair that just says ........uh NO.

In a lot of joint pain.  I'm sure exercise would help that (yes Mother) and I've decided to try my old tyme rheumatiz medicine again.  Gin soaked Golden Raisins.  Just need to remember DO NOT TAKE FIRST THING IN MORNING --- can you say GAG!!

Looking into a new endeavor too.....told little brother I would help him "officially" - that means a "real job" and on payroll.  That's ok, I'll still keep the other job I've been at for 11 years, just only working 2 days a week now due to the economy.  Good thing is brother's business is BOOMING and that means I'll be busy with him 2-3 days too.  Geesh that puts me back at a full time scale (hmmm).  It's some office work and some warehouse grunt work too.  I don't mind....hope my aching bones can agree.

Hubby?  Well, he visited family in Texas recently - had a good time.  Godson's Communion.  Now he's busy being pool and errand boy for us.  Picking up Miss T from school, delivering her to me when I'm in town so that she can get to dance. 

Speaking of Dance.......they started the DISNEY DANCE practice a couple weeks ago.  It is a cute routine.  I just hope they can last in that 25 minute march down main street in the June heat!!  It's coming up fast too!  June 22nd we leave out in the dark of night - easier travels.  Plane fares are down a bit, but not low enough.  I'm planning to rent a car rather than take mine - no need to put the miles on mine.  Plus if it breaks down, Rent-a-car place can come swap out!! 

Doing the math, drive/car rental & gas etc might be equal to the plane fare + car rental in Fla!  AND a plane ride is faster.  Just hope they don't lose my underwear!