Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Day...Happy BD StepDad!

Did I tell you that about 2 months ago I took a 2 mile walk in my Keds (shoulda been my walking shoes, I know)? Well since then I've suffered with plantar faciatus and the horrible heel spur.

Today I had Dr visit #2....I had decided that I needed the cortizone shot YAY me. He walks in and says "Hey you ready for a shot?" and I shot back "Yeah, whattcha got for a chaser?".

I am sooooooooo hoping this will work long enough, at least let me have a good summer. Right now I can only take one store at a time, even if it's the grocery store - that sucks!! I'm a shopper!!!! It's my therapy!!

Then it was off to the chiropractor...needed a visit. This foot pain has me walking weird and throwing me off kilter.

Nevertheless the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION was to continue. I picked up Rib Eyes and salad fixings and a bunch of potatoes for baking and headed to Moms. Called Nanny to come on too. NINE people plus 2 small kids....I'd say that was a nice 71st birthday party.

OH YEAH......yesterday Miss T learned (finally) how to ride a bike! Yes, 12 years old (almost 13). I had given up, thinking she'd never give it another try. She is so proud of herself....literally living on that bike.

I remember back when...........when I would live on my bike too. It was the best freedom for me, just riding, wind in my hair, sneaking down to see the boyfri....

...wait a minute! She'd better NOT!

I do remember though....nice....and I was 12, riding my bike to the end of the road so my Mom wouldn't see me talking to him. OMG!

I'm not ready for THAT!

Hmmmm funny, I've been remembering that time a lot lately. Maybe it's because Miss T is at a "crossroads" of life, one that I can relate too. Maybe I'm just remembering my first "love" fondly. Yes, fondly.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Muse

We had a great weekend and Father's Day.

Saturday my nephew came over for a swim. He is going to be a fish soon....I was actually able to convince him he could float with his water wings on without the tube too. "LOOK AT ME SWIMMING" he said....LOL. He did great. We're working on the "keep your mouth" closed rule.

Later TnT&me went out to eat at O'Charley's....I do love their Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad. Would you believe that at 6pm the temps were 97 degrees still???? Gosh it musta been over 100 Saturday and close to it on Sunday.

Tom kept saying "Kohl's is having a sale" several times during the day, and I ran with it...we went after dinner. Miss T picked up some goodies, of course. Jeans were buy one get one....picked those up for the fall. So glad she's getting BACK into jeans.

Even though I tried to keep a headache all weekend, we still managed to have some fun time.

Father's Day we took Tom out to "Bonefish Grill" - it's his favorite. He enjoyed a stuffed Mahi with rice pilaf. Then an ice cream from Dairy Queen later in the afternoon hit the spot!!

Did I call my Dad? No. Did I think about it? Yes.

Did I go see my Step Dad? YES.

Afterall, he's been the best Dad for 31 of my 43 years.

But he cheats......Tuesday just happens to be his birthday. So he gets the best of both all wrapped up in one week.

That's alright.....my birthday is soon too....hehehehe.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June already and it's almost over?

Great time of day...I can't believe I haven't posted before now.

A lot going on just not all at one time.

The dance year is officially over, recital was great!! Miss T learned the value of eating before dancing. She had to come out of her acro routine because she was dizzy and began to shake. I said "seeeeeee? I told you to eat properly". Why don't they listen? Bet she does now.

We start the summer dance program June 30 with technique classes. Miss T is almost convinced to go back to clogging this year. The teacher asked her about it and she is thinking about it. She hasn't done that in 4 years.....she did for 5 - 3 years competitively.


And I was hoping to cut back next year.....sigh!

Mr Man is doing great. Received his 5 month chip last night in AA. He's so proud of himself. In the past his idea of "handling things" was to drink or drug it away but now he is really trying to deal with things head on. The minor brain farts still appear, like "um you wanted me to have dinner ready?"....hmmm oh I don't know, you've been home all day while I was at work.

Go figure. It's very exasperating. Like raising another kid.

I am getting tired of only having one vehicle. It's such a chore to be able to get around to all the things that I do and Miss T that, we're borrowing my Nanny's car once or twice a week so that Tom can bring her to dance and get himself to AA meetings. But until the court stuff is done, I can't see buying anything just yet. Maybe in September when prices could be better and I can arrange decent lending.

Tom still wants a boat so bad he can taste it...but I've reminded him, those are luxury items. He doesn't "deserve" that yet.

I'm hoping for a great weekend....some of the girls are in from out of town, I've been invited for a night on the beach. And one of my besties invited me to the pool at her house just to catch up.

I think it's time for some ME time!!