Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Court is Adjourned

(Sorry for the late post. I was writing this but time slipped up on me and I had to go get Miss T from school and transport her to dance.)

We were done by noon. The Atty had said (in the beginning) Tom would have to have this one. A lot of back door talking; then the Atty talked to me, asking what could I offer by way of Tom's changing, attitude etc. I said "He's done a complete 360 and is diligent" with his AA meetings etc. He asked if I would be willing to tell that to the Judge (which was a friend of a friend of mine). Of course.

Then I had to talk to the Cop......what? I felt like I was on trial lol.

Our turn, I had to stand with him, the Judge was not happy with Tom's DMV report at all esp since his last conviction in 2004. However, none of the other charges had convictions, so.....

I said what I had to say to the Judge. She wrote up her decision:

1 year no license; handed them over right then and there;
No paper license either (which means I'm back to the family taxi status)
24 months supervised probation
No alcohol or firearms in house (now I'm on probation lol - they're MY guns)
Comply with minimum 3 AA meetings per week.
$500 fine; $130 court cost
7 days jail....time served NOT counting (she said be glad I'm not giving you 60 days, you can thank your wife for that)

You could see it in her face she was NOT HAPPY!!!!

We met with a guy in the back to go over things. He gave Tom a number to call to set up his Probation appointment. We didn't have to pay anything on Tuesday, I guess that will be handled through probation like the last time (2004).

Tom was shut down for about 36 hours.....sad, but OK with the decision. He knew it was coming. By Thursday he had an outing with an AA buddy and they went around looking at boating and fishing stuff, then took in a noon AA meeting. It was a good day. It was good for him to hang out with this guy. He's 30 years sober!

Friday he was back to his aggravating normal self around the house.....he went with Miss T and me to her solo practice then out to eat.

He's trying to humor himself. Thank GOD cause I don't have the energy to do it for him!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

Well, Brrrr....it turned chilly here! I actually had to turn on our heat for Saturday night, was going to the upper 40's lower 50's and I knew Tom would freeze to death.

I took a picture of him earlier last week, all bundled up like the abominable snowman on the back deck. So?? The problem with that pic was that I was walking out onto the same deck in shorts and short sleeves. That's what I mean when I say he would "freeze to death". The high's are low 70's and mid 60's.

Speaking of Tom, today is his 9 month sobriety anniversary! Wooo hooo! We are all so proud of him. Tomorrow is the court date for that accident that changed his ways. He may have to pull 2 days in jail (was told up to 7 and he's already served 5 when he was arrested) so he may be on a mini "vacation" this week. We'll see. It all depends on which Judge is sitting and if the State has the blood work back yet.

Isn't that sad? A simple blood test, analyze it and send the results....9 months later. Sigh. Our government at work.

So Miss T is working on her Solo for this year. It was going OK to begin with. This past Friday though the teacher was firm with her. She told Miss T that she didn't see her having any "fun" with it.....not "looking forward to" the practice sessions. She also said that T wasn't "improving" and should have been up to this point. Also said for her to make a decision to do this or not.

Now Momma, who knows the kids routine, is thinking that she is of the personality that she will learn the steps proficiently, before adding emotion. She has always been this way. Teacher, however, thinks she should be feeling it all at the same time. That's not easy for Miss T to do.....we talked about that in the beginning of this Solo and she said "that's ok, she's at the stage and age where that will be developing, don't worry it will come"....

But Friday my kid left in tears.

Ready to give up.

My heart was breaking for her - I could hear the conversation through the closed door. When the teacher came out she looked at me and said "I'm ready to get paid and leave - she needs to decided if she wants to do this solo or not."

I'd like to have another teacher look at it.......but do I dare overstep that boundary? Do I just write this off as "teacher was having a bad day" which often she does? Maybe as this week goes on, I'll get the answer to that question.

The other thing from Friday was her bus ride home....she had found out that one of her busmates had died that morning in the Outer Banks - drowned while surfing (his tether got tangled on a piece of a pier and it held him under). He was only 15 -- a Christian boy very involved and much loved. The bus was quiet, bus driver in tears. I know the emotions that were going on....I too experienced tragedy like that when I was just a year older than she is now, and another 3 my Senior year. It's not easy comprehending death at such young ages much less the "why" that goes along with it.

Last night was the visitation for this boy. I'm told some 400 students were there...and that many gave their lives over to Jesus. Today is his funeral, praying for comfort for the family and friends.