Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Day...Happy BD StepDad!

Did I tell you that about 2 months ago I took a 2 mile walk in my Keds (shoulda been my walking shoes, I know)? Well since then I've suffered with plantar faciatus and the horrible heel spur.

Today I had Dr visit #2....I had decided that I needed the cortizone shot YAY me. He walks in and says "Hey you ready for a shot?" and I shot back "Yeah, whattcha got for a chaser?".

I am sooooooooo hoping this will work long enough, at least let me have a good summer. Right now I can only take one store at a time, even if it's the grocery store - that sucks!! I'm a shopper!!!! It's my therapy!!

Then it was off to the chiropractor...needed a visit. This foot pain has me walking weird and throwing me off kilter.

Nevertheless the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION was to continue. I picked up Rib Eyes and salad fixings and a bunch of potatoes for baking and headed to Moms. Called Nanny to come on too. NINE people plus 2 small kids....I'd say that was a nice 71st birthday party.

OH YEAH......yesterday Miss T learned (finally) how to ride a bike! Yes, 12 years old (almost 13). I had given up, thinking she'd never give it another try. She is so proud of herself....literally living on that bike.

I remember back when...........when I would live on my bike too. It was the best freedom for me, just riding, wind in my hair, sneaking down to see the boyfri....

...wait a minute! She'd better NOT!

I do remember though....nice....and I was 12, riding my bike to the end of the road so my Mom wouldn't see me talking to him. OMG!

I'm not ready for THAT!

Hmmmm funny, I've been remembering that time a lot lately. Maybe it's because Miss T is at a "crossroads" of life, one that I can relate too. Maybe I'm just remembering my first "love" fondly. Yes, fondly.


Kathy said...

I went through the plantar faciatus on both feet also. I started wearing shoes with better support and arch supports and they got better. Hope the shot clears it for you.

garnett109 said...

so is the shot working?????

Martha said...

So what did he have for a chaser? LOL! Happy birthday to your Stepdad, sounds like you all had fun. Congrats to Miss T! :-)

Lisa said...

it's common, i think, to think back to how things were for you when your kid hits the same age....i think it't awesome that Miss T now rides a bike!! I once loved my bike too. I hate it that you have foot pain....man, there is nothing worse than having to walk or work and your feet are killing you! XO

Missie said...

I suffer from plantar facitis and when I have a flare up, I put on my crocs. If you don't have crocs, you need to get a pair. They have croc flip flops which I wear for the summer.

I tried the shots, I had the special orthotics for my shoes and nothing worked until I put on a pair of crocs.

Barb said...

My oh my, do I owe you one and a half or 2 apologies. I just read all the way back to January. And I bet it's been longer since I 've been to your blog. I am SO sorry. I must not have put you in my list of "Blog Faves" the ones I read reg. since AOL shut down JLAND!! I have missed & wondered what was going on with you. Then I decided to just visit all the people in my followers. Shaking my head in shame for missing out on so much. You have been thru the shit & back and it sounds like things are really looking bright. I can't believe about your truck being wrecked & your DH's 5 mos. I'm really happy for you that he got the awakening. All of us w/addictive personalities have to be slapped upside the head w/it to get to the point where we'll help ourselves or get help. Congrats to Miss T on all HER achievements also. I cannot believe she is nearly a teenager. Our oldest granddaughter will be 13 in OCT. God, I'm gettin old. I've been thru the chit myself over the past half yr or so. I was in the hosp for 2 weeks last Nov & apparently, I almost died. It took a long while to recover from that & w/my diabetes & feet issues (due to the neuropathy) just had another foot surg a month ago. Of course IT got infected & a 2 wk recovery is taking a lot longer. I may end up losing toe or two on this foot now. (I had to have 1/2 toe amputated last summer due to bone infection). I need one of those things...what do they call it? Oh hell, I need to look it up. You know, where you leave your home for a week or two and don't have any worries & get to see something besides the same four walls & breathe something other than "canned air." Oh now I remember...it's called a VACATION!!LOL Seriously, I really need one. If I don't get out of the #$%& town pretty soon I'm gonna go nucking futs (pardon my French). We have talked about Vegas, but I told Rich only if he plans on parking my butt in a luxury hotel in front of the slots, because I have DONE the summer in Vegas walking tour & was sicker than a dog from the 118 degree weather. LOL Plus the last time we were in Vegas I'd had surgery on BOTH feet & was supposed to be recovered in time to be able to walk all I wanted...We did that week with him pushing me around in a wheel chair or me trying to use crutches. What a crock. I can't even get my own pool while this foot is infected. The DR doesn't seem to think it is, but my opinion differs from his.
Anywho this was supposed to be commenting on YOUR journal. Sorry I got off on a tangent. Once again I am So SO SO sorry I haven't been by. You are now in my favorites and I promise I won't wait so long between visits. In the meantime, again, I'm so happy for your DH and for you & your family & wish you all the best.
Hugs (and apologies) Barb *queenb

Traci said...

I didn't learn to ride my bike til I was nearly 11. Loved it once I did. Hope your step dad's birthday was a good one! And you with your's tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

Maria said...

Hi, Sharon! It's been awhile since I've visited you. Sorry to hear of all your challenges... especially the recent foot item. Your entries are very postive considering all you are dealing with these days. Riding bikes is great therapy and low impact exercise!....great idea. Maria