Thursday, November 20, 2008

How fast can you type?

71 words


This was the second try.
Funny seemed to stall because I know I can type faster than that!

Anyway where have I been?

BUSY! With Tom gone I'm a "single mom" getting the kid off to school, packing lunches, being the Dance Taxi and chief cook and bottle washer! Whew!

Today is Miss T's 12th birthday. She said "this has been a weird birthday". First, I didn't have a cake, because she's getting the Cookie for her Ice Skating party Friday night. So.....I had those Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls and popped them in the oven this morning. I figure, that's cake enough. Hmmmmm now where's a candle?
Good Grief! Not one single birthday candle in this house. SO whatta ya do? You grab a votive!

She sat down and shook her head at the candle and roll. Hey, you do whatever you can to make the most of the moment. She made the wish and ate the roll.

What did I get her? HA! Nothing....yet. Well, that's not completely true. We had just gone shopping for some warm pants last night, and some shirts, and a new sleeping bag, and a movie, robe and socks, gloves, hat and scarf......oh yeah and a green fuzzy pillow and bath gel.

Once she said she'd like to have a Nintendo DS, but she has a Game Boy. Don't know if she really wants the DS....she even said so.

After school my Nanny met us at the house and gave her 2 gifts; a chair from American Girl Dolls and a long sleeve T-shirt with a monkey all tangled up in Christmas lights on the front of it.....and collards.

After dance we ran to a favorite hot dog place and had a load of fun. The owner (a friend) made a fuss over her princess hat and threatened to sing to her. I told him I'd pay him NOT TO!

Then it was off to my Mom's....card and cha-ching!

Oh? What's that? Where's Tom? He's in Texas. Helping his brother who is swamped with work after the hurricane in the Houston area. He calls at least twice a day and is in good spirits (and not the kind in the bottle).

My OCD's have not consumed me since he's been gone and that is a GREAT thing. (Knocking on wood)

I had a talk with "Santa" today and he concurred on some gifts for this year. He assured me they're "in the bag" and on the way. This kid has a list as long as your arm of nothing but American Girl Doll stuff.

Do you think one day I can sell all this stuff and get her a car?


Bethe said...

Ehhh...35 wpm. I used to type about 60 wpm when I was in business school. Oh well, I should thank my lucky stars these fingers still work.


Ellen said...

Ah, yes the American girl stuff. Been there ! We have two dolls here, and numerous "stuff" to go with it. Pricey but well made. You can always buy the dolls new and then looks on E-bay, or Craigslists for the clothes and extra's ....neat way to keep going without the price tag.
Take Care sweety

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy birthday to Miss T. Glad that hubby calls 2x day :o)

Traci said...

Was just thinking that some collard greens for my birthday would be lovely! LOL
Sounds like she got some nice stuff already!
Happy Birthday Miss T!

Beth said...

Happy birthday, Miss T! Love the cinnabon and votive candle!

I've bookmarked the typing site so I can go back when I don't have a cat on my lap. LOL


garnett109 said...

No Christmas this year in Pa.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty well right now. I'm glad. I didn't do this test but I have gotten over 50 words a minute on tests before. Have a good weekend.

Martha said...

Yes, I do think you'll be able to sell all the stuff for a car - maybe for a college education considering the price of that stuff!! Happy Birthday Miss T :-)

Allison said...

I hope Miss T had a wonderful birthday and she sounds like quite the spoiled little girl. : ) I can type like 55 words a minute. Have a happy weekend. Luv ya!

Rose said...

Liz has two of those dolls and I have no idea where they are. they grow way too fast! happy b day miss t!

Lisa said...

Hi Sharon-- oh my gosh I remember buying two American Girl dolls for our stepdaughters and both at the same time... wanting one myself because I collect dolls and ugh ay yi yi the price on those dolls. Sounds like a wonderful bday for Miss T and the rolls and votive so cute.... she got many nice things and wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! Way to go Tom for helping with the hurricane stuff. Hugs,

Sonya said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I have had to stop following, update my blog, and then start following again. Now I got to go update it. I was trying to get your old blog off and the new one on. I've had an issue but I think it'll work this time.
Laughed at the birthday candle and bun. lol

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy late birthday to Miss T. Glad Tom seems to be doing well. I sure hope this is the cure. LOL at the American girl dolls. My girls had to have them. Did they take care of them? Yep, at first. Now, they are stuffed in a box with matted hair. So much for that. Loved those dolls myself. I saw the typing on Shelly's. I did about 70 wpm. I used to type real Love ya and can I stowaway when you go to Fla????