Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weird Horoscope

CANCER: "You are being pulled off course by strong feelings that you thought were processed a long time ago, but something has reactivated these ghosts from your past. It's challenging for you to reconcile your current situation with the preferences that arise from the depths of your imagination. Pay attention to your reactions to your memories, for you must learn how to move beyond your current habits if you are to make progress."

That is today's horrible scope for me.

I rarely read those things, but on AOL's homepage via Firefox they were up so I peeked.
Funny thing is I visited with my father and his Aunt yesterday and rehashed some of the past. I walked next door to where my Great Grandparents home used to be (their son & co had it burned down illegally for insurance money). I looked up at the old oak tree....I remembered fondly playing in this yard and not so fondly falling into the ditch. I rehashed stories with my hubby about events that happened as I was growing up....from being very scared one night when my father took off with his gun to "kill" his cousin (didn't happen), to how my Aunt shot her hubby - which is probably why yielding a gun is so easy for me ROFL.

"Move from beyond your current make progress" - this is a bone of contention with me. I like my safe place. I am not one to just pack up the house and move away from my family and dear friends. I depend on them emotionally too much especially with Mr Man's (DH) situation.

Funny thing is I was dreaming last night of agreeing to Florida. Martha & Shelly you KNOW where I'd be heading if that were the case.


Ken said...

It is funny how sometimes the generic astrology statements just really hit home to something, and we come across it at a time when it is comforting. Karma?

LIZ said...

Horoscopes are weird for me. I try not to read them either if I cant justify or relate something to it that is currently going on in my life it drives me crazy trying to figure it

Have a great day, Liz

lisa jo said...

strange when a horoscope hits home huh? Change is the hardest thing to handle in life, in the beginning. Those who take that leap then say change is a good thing. OX

Lisa said...

Florida does have a lot of good points but as you mention, yes, it was very hard for us being so far from family and that is a very good point to consider. I'm so glad we moved back toward the north.

Robin said...

Okay, I think I finally got it. Now do not change your blog name or address again. LOL.

Traci said...

"It's challenging for you to reconcile your current situation with the preferences that arise from the depths of your imagination."
I find that line fascinating.

Jill Marie said...

Hm...something I've struggled with myself. Although, of course, the move is one of your mind. However, it is so dern hard to move beyond the habits we've developed to get us through. It is those same (bad) habits that helped me survive my childhood and first marriage.
Still, I know that to make real progress I need to find better (more adult) ways to deal with life and the roadblocks often thrown in my way (or on my head).
I've often thought I was done with childhood memories only to find that every now and then they sneak up and slap me in the face.
Take care and I'll be thinking of you.
Jill Marie

Beth said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for joining my blog!

I don't pay too much attention to horoscopes, because they usually put in enough generic stuff that something will click with you! Ha! But there ARE times when you read one and go, "Hmmm!"

All my best,

Indigo said...

Wow....that is way too close too home...I'm a Cancer and as my last entry would suggest the past has definitely come back to haunt me. (hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

Hi there, I'm a Cancer too and that fit my day yesterday! I only like them if they're happy ones!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm a Cancer and now that's got me thinking! hmmmmm. Hope your day is good to you. Take care,

Martha said...

Boy oh boy, that horoscope sure hit the nail on the head!

Martha said...

PS - you know we'd love to have you here in Florida :-)