Friday, October 17, 2008

Back on track & Economy

It came to me that maybe, just maybe, McAfee was the culprit.

So I unplugged my modem; removed Mac and replugged the modem to restart AOL and viola! My AOL desktop icon worked! Then quickly reinstalled McAfee.

Now things are running much faster at the home 'puter. That IE and foxfire mess was suuhhhloooooow........and caused me to curse.

Whew! Now I can relax.

Back to "normal" if there is such a thing.

Back to the PSP group in full force. Back to "the Spot" and my friends.

It seems that we're all worrying about the same thing right now. The Election and the Economy. I gotta say, so am I. My Boss recently added another day off without pay of course to my schedule. I'm going to file the "attached claim" through ESC soon. Just had to make sure of the legistics now that my status has officially changed. Not too many people building custom homes right now or buying the stock we have.

Miss T's birthday is next month; then Christmas. A very tough time of the year for the economy to be biting us in the

Well you know.............

But, I'm not gonna let that get me down.

Thank GOD Mr Man's retirement and SS is in tact....for now...(knock on wood - hope I'm not jinxning myself)....did I already say that?

Tightening up the old purse strings........I'm going to suggest to my brother that we make Christmas about the KIDS this sense in adding any stress to the already stressful situation....his business is slow (land clearing) and at least he has a full time job as a firefighter. His wife hasn't gone back to work yet after the baby....4 months old....and she's a mortgage officer. YIKES....not good. Just as well, daycare would take all her pay, so why shouldn't she stay home?

My little brother's job is up in the air too....the England based owners have come here to take over - question is will they keep running this business here? and keep the bro on at his requested salary? He's been there for, gosh, 7 years? or more basically running the joint, AR/AP, shipping etc.

I really want a new sewing machine. There is a sewing place just up the road from my office that offers classes and new machines for sale too. I figured I'd like to take the basics over again and buy a new machine....she suggested the Singer Curvy or one of the Vikings. Now I'd LOVE to have the Viking....but see the above entry about purse strings.

Lately it's been about going to work, T's dance, sleep, repeat. Time to get back into some ME things.


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Yikes, who's your new buddy?

I hear ya on the economy. It just sucks and moves in a vicious circle. I see no end right now and don't think whoever becomes President will perform any magic.

Scary stuff...Love ya!

garnett109 said...

All that bulldozer ass wipe stuff was on my blog also thats why i put up the letters!
Yep no christmas here this year , lack of funds and interest!

Martha said...

What's up with those comments? LOL! I guess us J-Landers are finding out why Blogger has those annoying letter verification things ::sigh::

LIZ said...



Beth said...

We're also cutting down this Christmas. We have so much stuff already, and don't feel the need to spend lots.

Robin said...

Gabby's bday is next month, then Michael's and then Christmas...I feel broke already.

Rose said...

I believe most folks are feeling the pinch. We are lucky that Mark and I both drive for a living and when construction is slow he drives for the mail route. If all else fails we'll both go over the road together. Can you say a over the road run to Florida??!! rose

Leslie said...

We have a birthday next month.. before thanksgiving.. and Christmas.. I know what you mean. We are looking for ways to save money at christmas, we're calling it multitasking.. instead of just paying for my daughters driving school lessons.. we're giving them to her for xmas..etc
Take care, glad you comuter is back.

Ellen said...

Glad your computer is back running right. That's annoying !
Have a great weekend

Traci said...

Strange comments going on. We are struggling too. My husband's job is worrying me. He works commercial construction. They have stuff on the books but no one wants to start the work.
My computer had some sort of nasty virus. Took my husband days to sort it out. I have nothing on my computer now except IE. I have to reinstall everything. Grrr. Runs right now though!

Lisa said...

Yes it is hard to think about what to do for Christmas in this economy. We will do the same, just focus on the kids. It will have to be a slim year but the main thing is to count our blessings right? I think our kids are finally at the age where they will appreciate some of these other things like a house of love and the electric being on and food in our tummy. We are over run with toys so I think it will be okay to not buy too much this year.