Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little of this n that

I am having such a time at home with my computer! Grrrr comes to mind and out of my mouth often. I don't know what's going on. At first I thought it was my I deleted it; deleted AOL and reinstalled it. BUT it still won't connect....

I hate going into AOL through IE or Firefox..but it seems that IE is treating me better than Fox. They're both very slow about AOL. There is still so much information in my AOL account....trying to get to it to archive it at home is a bear!!

Which is why I haven't been participating in many of my PSP quests. I think I posted about this earlier.

Anywho, different subject.

Girls weekend coming up!
Hopefully Friday night I'll be slumbering with my pal Cindilouwho and a couple of girlfriends at her home; we'll have breakfast on Saturday and head over to the Island for the annual Autumn with Topsail celebration. Bands, food, artwork and a nice stroll on the beach....who could ask for more?

I should have TnT stay at Mom's beachhouse then I could just head on over there later Saturday and Sunday......then I'd feel guilty because there is still so much to do at home. Still finding stuff for that Nov 1st yard sale; cleaning out Miss T's clothes etc.

Yesterday I was off from work (instead of Tuesday) to spend time with my nephew. He and my Mom came over about noon and we jumped on the trampoline and had a picnic under it.....yes, under it.

He suggested Chips N Grapes. I brought out a tray with 2 kinds of chips (cheddar/sour cream and barBque); goldfish; dried fruits via Welch's; Hershey's 100 calorie snack bag and a cinnimon granola mini snack. Then I went in and made him a turkey n cheese sandwich. We found 5 baby snails under the trampoline.

I could just imagine my Nanny calling asking what we were hiding from....and I would have had to say "obviously nothing if you can see us from your house".....rofl.

Tom's birthday was Tuesday (14th) - we gave him a Giants Jersey #27; a tshirt and hat; he said he didn't want a cake, then later mumbled "and I didn't even get a cake" he promptly bought himself one on Wednesday, chocolate chocolate chocolate.

He's thinking of going to TX to help his brother on a hotel plumbing project (due to the hurricane). That'd be nice for him and me....time alone, little extra mooola (hopefully).

In the meantime I'm on short time at work. 3 days.....sigh.......


Kathy said...

Oh your weekend with girlfriends sounds marvelous. I have never done that but I think it would be so fun. Ejoy your time with your friends. They are so important to us girls.

garnett109 said...

Girls gone wild! Lmao!
I'm a bad boy

Kathy said...

Hey I've been to Topsail Beach! A few times back in the day (Aunts lived in and around Beaufort)

IE has given me so much pain lately. I finally started using Firefox. I still need to clean out some stuff on AOL. So of it I just copy/pasted in an email and sent it to my gmail account. I will deal with it later!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Girls gone wild...whoo hoo...wish I lived closer. My AOl creeps. I can get on slowly but it takes forever to accomplish anything. Think they are getting ready to curl up and croak.

Wow, that would be nice to have some quiet time...Love ya!

lisa jo said...

I think time with your friends would be a real good thing for you...get away, relax, enjoy yourself..have lots of fun!! That picnic sounds cute too. XO

Barb said...

Girls night out is always such fun. I've lost contact with one of my oldest friends - really miss her. Hope you never lose touch with yours. My email address is no Barbpinion@aol
New address is

Traci said...

I wanna come! Have a blast with your friends!

Chrissie said...

Hope you have a great weekend sounds like fun.
Take care, Chrissie

Martha said...

Forget everything and enjoy your weekend! :-)

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

I hope you enjoyed the sleep over.