Friday, October 3, 2008

24 Hr flu via AT&T

I called AT&T this morning saying WTH? and through a series of clicks and questions we found the trouble.

Thank you AT&T for redirecting my USER ID to some no name "attreg@" person.

That is why I couldn't log on. But how was I to know? I never log into the site anyway.....I always go in directly through AOL or Firefox.

It wasn't my fault after all.

So after 24 hour bedrest Blueboy is up and running online just perfectly again.

Yes, his name is Blueboy because he has a flashing blue light.

Oreo is my other computer which sits in the room just behind this one.

Why Oreo you ask? (Let's hope and pray this doesn't offend anyone - it's certainly not meant to)

Well.....he's black and he was rebuilt and saved from a white computer. So he has the "white" an Oreo cookie.

With all this packing and moving here to "the Spot" I haven't made time to play in any of this week's PSP challenges, much less start anymore lessons.

Instead, I've started a BIG challenge..............

Miss T's room. (See my eyes rolling?)
After this quick update, I'm charging back into that room.

Wish me luck!
(PS Is anyone else experiencing multiple picture loads and large spacing?)


Emmi said...

LMAO ... why would oreo be offensive?

Ken said...

Glad you found the source of your computer flu frustration :o)

Leslie said...

There is a bedroom in this house that needs charging into... I'm afraid!

garnett109 said...

Al sharpton aclu and micheal jackson are offended call a laywer

lisa jo said...

OK, i think this is the 4th blog in a row where the link was no good. i think you changed names or something and that caused me to not be able to view. Are you seeing MY blog at all?
blogger is a damn headache. I think it is cute that you named even the PC's. I would name mine DAMN PIECE OF JUNK today! XO

Jill Marie said...

Hey Sharon! Your blog looks great to me.
I'm giving it a try here with this little blog...

Still playing with the layout and whatnot. But you's okay.
Take care and have fun this weekend.
Jill Marie

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

i had to create a new journal hoping this works and allow me to have followers here is the new link.

Martha said...

I have the flu along with your computer, seriously, UGH!
I see you've been having fun over here at your new spot, I wasn't getting alerts on my dashboard -- I've finally figured out that if we change our blog name everyone has to change the link - they have to stop following and then follow again uner the new name. I was wondering what wads going on!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

haha, I couldn't print what I call this computer...cute names. I've had every problem and more with blogger but I'll survive. love ya