Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey Y'all

Did ya know it's Domestic Violence month? One of my favorites because I can get away with says so!

Therefore, I started cleaning out Miss T's room...whatta mess. Violence to ME I guess LOL.

The other Violent thing going on in my house is this possessed computer. It will NOT log into my separate AOL Icon...I'm having to do this through Firefox (which is a pain!) ... oh yeah, I've reset, restarted, rebooted and it REFUSED to cooperate.

(Now don't yell at me...I'm not making light of DV ....I've seen my fair share of it)

More violence was that today I made Miss T go to the airport (didn't tell her we were going)....I wanted her to ride in a real live airplane just to see that it's OK. My SIL's Dad has a lil plane and he was out there anyway and said we could go.

Once she figured it out she was ADAMANT about not getting in that plane. She got in.....buckled up....unbuckled and got out.

Nephew, his mom and her dad took off for about a 10 minute ride and came back. All the while I'm showing Miss T how well the plane is balanced and smooth and not sputtering you think she bought it? Well, yeah a little.

They got back and she got back in!! They taxi'd a
bit and then they were done....they couldn't take off this time because they were having radio burps....he said once he got them fixed we were welcome to come try it again.

Miss T was so proud of herself! Kept repeating "I got in a plane" over and over.


Ken said...

Miss T did well. Hopefully she will get the chance to do even better :o)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

AOL has been acting up terribly today. I've hade numerous error messages. WTG to Ms T! Love ya

Chrissie said...

Good for her. I'm glad she isn't scared now. I mean you have to fly sometime in your lifetime. I had problems getting here then figured out I had the wrong addy for some reason, but I'm here now so we'll see how it goes I didn't get an alert so just have to check back.
Take care, Chrissie

Lisa said...

That is awesome Miss T got to try out being in a plane today!! What an exciting thing to do with your daughter!!! You are such a great mom!!!!!! Your journal looks great by the way!

LIZ said...

I have still yet to conquer my fear of getting in an you believe I have never flown anywhere??

Have a great day...Liz

lisa jo said...

TOTALLY cool that you two got to go up in a plane! WOW, that'll be a day she'll remember! XO