Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home Computer has the flu!

Well, almost.

Last night as I was scanning and defraggin and de-everything else, my spybot popped up and said something then "do you want to" and do you think I read it?


So now I've lost my ability to connect to the internet.

But my DSL says I'm connected, I just sorta kinda ooopsed and now I gotta go home and figure this out.

I've already tried all the "fix it" clicker things. Did the System Restore thing too.....notta! Time for xRoomie to come by and fix me.

I'm such a nut about this stuff....I wasn't reading what it said and was already having a hard time with some photo adjustments etc.

My second computer MAY be able to connect to my yahoo or aol accounts.....lets hope so because


Well, I could go to our local RIVERFEST celebration. An arts, crafts, food, band display downtown by the river....could take some pictures. But I don't usually enjoy getting out there with those a$$'s to elbow crowds.

Maybe I'll finish the mess Miss T and I made while cleaning out her room. Can you believe she's actually getting rid of some TOYS!?!?
She IS becoming a pre-teen.................sigh.


Emmi said...

Oh girl ... that really sux. I hope the xroomie can figure it out.

Robyn said...

Oh no I hope it gets fixed soon! Welcome neighbor ;) Don't ya love it when they start wanting to get rid of stuff? My 12 yr old went through that also. The wanted her room less cluttered. So glad to find you here!!
Hugs, Robyn

Ken said...

Sorry you compugter has the flu, but at least you were able to find a way to post :o)

Chris said...

Ugh, that sounds like me. I'm never paying attention and screwing things up. Hope ex roomie can fix you up. Love ya

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I hope you get you computer fixed soon.

Leslie said...

My computer is sick too.. ALAYS!

seems like all of the sudden..they grow up.

Rose said...

oh dang!! I hate that when that happens!! We have fest this week too. It's celebrating 175 years as a town...fireworks include. Hee haw! rose