Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smelling Like Christmas

I love the smells of Christmas!

Especially a real Frazier Fir. We have an artificial tree - the real ones aggravate my allergies.

So, I stick to Yankee Candle scents like "Balsam and Cedar" and "Cranberry Chutney". I plugged in the Balsam and Cedar on Tuesday; a couple of days later hubby said "What's that smell?" and I say What smell? He says "It smells like...(sniff, sniff) .... Christmas!"

LOL!! That's been our running joke this weekend!

Old Williamsburg also makes a "Winter Spruce" that smells like a fresh tree.

I also like those scented packets you find in Michael's or AC Moore or a home store. "Pear Spice" is a great scent ...... last year I bought 4 and spread them throughout the house. Mmmm a wonderful fragrance!

And then there's the ultimate Homemade Apple Pie! Oh my! Fresh baked cookies and brownies all around. No wonder we gain so much weight -- the smells alone will pack on the pounds!

Cloves, orange peels, cinnamon and a bit of water simmering in a pot on the stove.

It turned cold yesterday! They even threatened a taste of snow in our area. We didn't get any, but about 60 miles above us did. It's still cold! Cold enough to think about snowing that's for sure. That fresh cold, snow smell is a great scent too!

I've got all my presents wrapped! I've done so good this year (I think) Mom is the only one on my list left to buy for. "Santa" has the list covered....I hope!

Why is it that we go overboard at Christmas? I'm trying to stick to a budget and I've done pretty good....

Except for Miss T. Geesh, what a tough age; however she is very good of pointing out things she'd love to have. I file them in the back of my mind and sometimes right under her nose, I'll get it!

She keeps asking "where do you hide things?" and I say that it's sometimes right out in the open. It's true!

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