Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday with Shelly

Still in Florida and it's beginning to warm up -- slowly.
My dear FIL says that this is the Suncoast because of 365 days there is sun on 370 of them.  I'll take that!  I love the Gulf side of Florida.

After a light breakfast Miss T and I set out for Tampa to visit my dear friend Shelly.  It was just by luck that she didn't have any of her kids (babysitting job) today.  Her youngest daughter (a Sr in HS) and son (6th grade) were home.  We had a wonderful visit.  I also got a surprise when I arrived, a most pleasant surprise too!

She made these just for me from her latest fabric shopping!!  I just love love love these little bags.  They are great for everything!  Even my phone or camera, and boy do I ever need one for my camera and phone from time to time.  Miss T is trying to claim one, so I'm keeping my eye on these!  Shelly is such a talented lady - so smart.

While I was there she walked me through a PSP trick for tagging the blinkies I like to make.  I knew there was one little minor thing I was missing and sure enough.....once she did it, I smacked my head DUH!!

Would you believe I haven't made it over to the water yet?  I know this sounds silly, since I live on the Atlantic Coast, but I do love the Gulf.  I just wish the holidays had been scheduled differently - we would have trekked on down to the Nokomis/Sarasota area.  As it is, we'll have to head home soon to beat out the New Year's traffic.  Don't want to be caught up in that mess!!

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