Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Brrr....I looked at the temperature on my Android this morning and at 9:30 am it said 19 degrees!
Wow....I'm glad the wind wasn't blowing.

I do hate to be cold....I hate to wear a coat.  Guess I should have known I'd dislike cold weather way back when I was about 3 or so when my Granny took me to a Christmas parade.  She tells the story of how when she parked the car, she told me to put on my hat....only I said "I don't want to wear my 'boggin".  Quickly she said "well, if you don't put it on you will have to stay in the car while we go to see the parade"....then I put on my cap with a "Ok Granny I'll wear my 'boggin!".

I still don't like to wear a '  messes up my hair, plus adds the static electricity to boot.
In the South we call those knit hats a "toboggin" - my Yankee hubby reminds me that it's a sled.
He "shuts" the lights....I turn them out.
He "brings" the garbage to the curb, I "take" it to the curb.
Shoulda heard me explaining that one to him....the difference between "bringing" and "taking".

I think "bringing" is bringing something in and "taking" as taking out.  Whatever.'s even too cold to shop.

sNOw...they say that might happen here tonight, after midnight and up until about 8am.  
It won't be much, and here on the coast a lot of times the salt in the air just won't allow for much.  But it is cold -- the sun is shining YAY.    Ahhh 29 now!


Lisa said...

We had a snow day Monday and it's been super cold the last two weeks. I'm weird and have enjoyed the cold weather but I don't like driving on the bad roads.

Lyndsey said...

We were supposed to get a freeze last night I think it got down to 30° F..we usually get a few cold days then it warms back up. We are supposed to be back up in the 70s on Thu and Fri. I have had enough of this cold weather....that's why we live in Florida. I was still wearing my flip flops yesterday!

I do like seeing all the pretty pictures of the snow!

Martha (MM) said...

Even freezing here in Florida!! When are you coming to visit again?!!