Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What tha Heck?!

Poor Hubby....first our water heater wasn't working this weekend.  Changed out all the elements and thermostats.  Yay!!

Second....a belt on his car broke.  This meant he had to take mine to go purchase a belt, go next door to the shop and get the jack, etc and repair the damage.

Not as easy as it sounds.  His poor broke up legs are aching so bad from this cold snap.  Plus I know his arthritis is bothering him.  He says the hardest thing is the getting up and down from the floor or ground.

Well, it just meant that I didn't go into work today.  For some reason, I had a crazy feeling that I should stick close to home. 

I went over to Mom's....she likes to write in a journal.  So I said "Howz about starting an online blog?".  She said she'd give it a try.  I set her up!!  Help her get a following!!

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