Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Consideration or is it just me?

As a kid, I rambled all around the neighborhood, in the woods and such.  Yes, I was (am) a tomboy.  My friends and I played in each others yards, up trees and riding go carts and bikes.
I like to think that we were pretty courteous of the property owners.
My Nanny said we "like to have worried her to death" running around chasing each other and bouncing the basketball off the roof of her house.
I suppose that was a bit inconsiderate, after all she had worked all day.

Raising Miss T, I've said "thank you" and "please" to her because I felt like if I was going to make her say it to others in respect, that I, too, should be respectful of her.  Maybe I also did that for my baby brother (16 years between us) because he seems to have the attitude of gratitude and doesn't mind helping out if he can.

Now, the "other" brother....the one I've told you that I should have sold when he was born.  Yes, I had a contract for his sale at his birth, but, I chickened out.  Guess I felt guilty about that.....I negated the contract by saying that it probably would be for the best to keep him, after all, the hospital bill was expensive.

But in those years since then.................oh my.  I wondered "what if" and I even said to our Mom, "you should have let me sell him when I had the chance".   Don't get me wrong, he's a good soul....to his friends.  The problem is that he takes advantage of our parents too much.  Thinks what's theirs is his also, no questions asked.  That's why when I see some of his friends out here on "the farm" I cringe.  He is telling them "come on over to our shop" and work on that .....or drop off your junk or it's ok to hunt back there.

HELLO it's NOT yours to offer out like that!!

He would not like it if we all just showed up at his place for a "party" without asking, or dumped out our trash
Whatever happened to the golden rule??

I'm ok with you being in my home or on my property if I've invited you.  If you're family you're welcome most anytime.  If you're here and you're thirsty or hungry, help yourself.  You don't need to ask.  My pool is open to the family anytime......clean up your own mess and don't leave your kids crumbs all over my deck.  Well, that's another blog entry entirely.


Lyndsey said...

I was wondering if it was you I ran into last night at the store. When I was walking in this lady was trying to cross the street and a big car had to turn into her path and a older guy was driving obliviousr that he had just cut her (a pedestrian) off at the toes. Another one pays no attention to the crosswalk and pedestrian sign...Then when entering the store andother (now I can't call him gentleman) barges out the door in front of her. I even mentioned it to her when we got in the store. I was raised with manners and teach my daughter the same. Often I'll look around wondering where she is and she's holding the dorr open for someone. Even for men! No thinks about common courtesy anymore and it really a shame. Thank you for letting me say that! :D

I don't have a brother, but how frustrated you must be with an attutude like that!

LdyRoxx said...

Funny Lyndsey!! I could have been a mini me.

Lisa said...

Love the ending of this entry because my kids leave crumbs everywhere and that sure did give me a chuckle!! I am forever wiping down the counters and it really irritates me that they have not caught on or refuse to no matter how often we ask.