Monday, December 27, 2010

No Snow In Florida!!

When I woke up Sunday morning I noticed a bit of snow that had fallen throughout the night.  Then as we began to load the car for our trip, here it came again, in large flakes.  It was quite pretty.
Heading West to I-95 it was heavier, I expected that.
When we got to Pedro's "South of the Border" (SC) poor Pedro had snow on his nose!
Yep, I took pictures along the trip, I'll post them later when Danno isn't busy on his.
I'm typing on Miss T's new netbook!

The snow was light, not rain/sleet....but pretty and cold!
It snowed the whole trip from NC to around Brunswick GA near the FL border. snow on the West Coast!

Still, it's COLD -- in Florida of all things!
That should be against the law, seriously.
Thursday the temps here are to be 72; 78 on Friday.

Even with the snow, it was an easy, lazy drive....not in a rush at all.
The only change in plans was not stopping overnight in Kingsland GA, but heading on out to I-10.  But that got messed up too....we passed the exit for the hotel and I didn't want to turn around.
So we stretched the run on out to Lake City and stopped for the night.
That made the rest of the trip a no brainer, easy and fast.

For some reason, Tom was making himself nervous.  I don't know what it is, if it's the anticipation of being with his Father (and listening to him ask questions and give advice) or....I just don't know.  

Maybe it's because he can't "hide" behind the drink anymore.  Used to that would "calm" his nerves.  But we all know it also lead to more than that.  I'm happy he's sober now 23 months!! 
One day at a time!

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