Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello! Is this thing on?????? Can you hear me now?

Well, I'd like to say that was ME and that's what I've been up to. But.......


I'm still the dance Mom.....Tom's still sober! YAY! 19 months and counting. He gets his license on Oct 20th....say some prayers that he will stay on the straight and narrow. It will be great having a 2nd driver in the family again, to take some pressure of of me.

Miss T, well, she had her first "date" with a boy this summer. Nice kid.....he moved. (Whew!) She has started 8th grade with a bang....Algebra and, get online World History Class!! It's kicking her butt, but.........she can handle it!

The dance studio was invited to dance in the Disney parade in Orlando next June! WOW that's a biggie. So we've been working on some fund raising ideas. The kids get a costume and ruby red shoes and will perform to "Ease On Down The Road". Shelly, mark your calendar for June 23-26, 2011.

My boss finally sold the office......and I moved into his pool house as an office just today. What a mess. Boxes everywhere. But I gotta hand it to him and his brother, they set up the desks, hooked up the computers and put the supplies in a closet! Now I just gotta rearrange everything and figure out where I put it all over again.

I'm still on short time....only getting about 10 hours a week from him. That's ok for now, I still get the "attached claim" payment from the employment commission every week. That won't last much longer. I really should start looking for a better job. Now that Tom's getting his wheels back, maybe I can.

So what have I done with all my time off? Nothing.....sleep, drive to dance, help with homework and watch Criminal Minds. Don't you just LOVE that Agent Morgan!! Woooo now that's some eye candy if I've ever seen any.

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