Monday, March 9, 2009

Home from Competition, again.

These dance weekends are showing MY age!

My aches have aches. Nevertheless, I push forth. The show must go on they say. Miss T's tap group got a judge's award "fun, fun, fun award" -- I admit they're group was entertaining.

Golden awards for the groups and solo...nice!
Saw some old friends that had moved away, that's always great.

Sunday after our last dance I did treat Miss T to the Cheesecake Factory, her one request other than shopping at the mall. The weather was awesome. High 70's even 80 on Sunday and a light breeze. Perfect Spring like weather for walking and enjoying the landscape.

Tom is still dilligently attending AA and determined to keep the demons at bay. We're all so proud of him. It is nice to see him smiling these days.

I won't be smiling come 8am Tuesday....the dreaded Jury Duty Selections! Ugh.


garnett109 said...

Go get Em Tom!

Missie said...

I'm very proud of Tom also! The dancing so keeps you busy!

DB said...

I hope you survived the jury duty call. DB

Traci said...

I love Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmm. Good for Tom! Smiling?! What is that?! Yeah for good news!