Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's!

This was a decent day for a holiday.

Tom didn't want the normal Corned Beef....said it had too many bad memories. So I made Beef Stew, the "original" meal of the great Island.

Miss T and I made a Pistachio Nut Cake (delish) and she made 7 layer cookies. I had plans to make the Irish Soda Bread, but Tom said "don't worry about that".

My Mom picked Miss T up from school at the request of my nephew. They came over, and my Mom got STUCK in my back yard! (It's been raining for 3 days) Luckily my neighbor was riding behind me, and I pulled into his yard to say "hey come help me pull her out". The funny thing about this was that my nephew whipped out his pretend cell phone from his back pocket to call ME!

"Aunt Sharon, hurry come help us we're stuck in the mud"

Too funny.

And Aunt Sharon did just that!

He thinks I can do everything.

It made me remember, I miss my truck, I really miss my truck. But that was a small price to pay if it sobers Tom up and makes him well. So far so good (knocking on wood still). I am proud of him for going this far. He reaches day 60 this Friday. WOW!!!!

Keep up the prayers for him, for us...there's still court to come.

On a happier note, I've been getting to know my new sewing machine. I put together a dress for Miss T. One of those tube type dresses that are elastic banded across the bust...and added some straps, cause she's weird about "what if it falls down?". It's in a favorite pattern of hers...cherries on a black background.

Now Tom wants to make over our extra bedroom so I won't be sewing on the kitchen table. Hmmmmmm, my own hideaway. Could be nice.

G'nite, Sharon go Braless!


garnett109 said...

Tom's demise got me to thinking about my own problem with alcohol. I can't go cold turkey but I've cut back to 2 days a week due to health problems.
I figure if my buddy Tom can do it so can I !

Traci said...

Wow! 60 days is AMAZING! I'm praying for both of you! And the above comment is huge too! Let Tom know that he truly has an effect on others and right now it is SO positive!!!!!

LIZ said...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

60 days, great news. Potential sewing room, priceless :o)

ADM DESIGN'S said...

60 days that great..I know Im late.,HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY