Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drama Mama

I must be getting old and cranky.

The rules and regs at our dance studio are relaxing and I fear it will continue to get worse if things don't change.

Some parents are wishing for more updated dance techniques (me for one). I just don't see the "pop" in ours much.

The irritation for me is the lack of respect for the presentation. We are required to present a uniform fashion: tights, shoes, eyelashes, makeup/hair color/style. I am one of those Mom's that everyone can come to for help with applying such especially the false eyelashes. They are a chore.

But what I have observed is the disregard the kids have for the efforts put out by the studio and their parents.

For instance, walking around in bare tights without shoes on concrete outside and across the street to a burger joint.
1) Tights will be ruined and dirty
2) Tights are expensive ($15 up)

Not wearing protective coverup over expensive costume while not onstage.
1) running around, playing, falling,
2) EATING! OMG! If there is a stain on that costume, I'll......

And the parents are allowing this....I watched it.

Our kids are asked/required to keep up their dance skills throughout the summer. When we were at the School of the Arts we watched very talented teachers bringing some new skills to the floor.

My question is, why aren't the teachers requied to have "continuing education" as well? We need some fresh art.....fresh steps. I spend a lot of money each year in "tuition" and, yes, she's a stronger dancer, but they are the same steps.

Time for teachers to step up too!


garnett109 said...

No comment on this one.

It's Just Katie! said...

It's so sad to sit back and watch when good money is paid. May the teachers should pay a tuition. Hoping things work out in your favor! Take care,

Missie said...

I know what you're talking about. Nicci used to be a dancer and I never understood after we spent all the money on the outfits, how parents could let their kids play around in them!

Hope you have a good day.

Traci said...

Very valid points. Any chance of speaking to someone to get it changed?

DB said...

Yes, you are making good points. If there is no respect for the costumes and the teachers aren't informing themselves of recent forms and developments, something's wrong.