Thursday, April 23, 2009

T-shirt Orders for Breast Cancer

Click the above link to link to the link to buy a TShirt.

A while back I posted that one of our former dance teachers was having a breast cancer battle. The Relay For Life starts off this weekend with benefit concerts and raffles and such.

In her last couple of posts, it mentions these concerts etc and the benefits going towards her financial burden of the treatments.

If anyone can order a shirt, please do. I plan to get us one, I'm already sporting the bracelet that reads "we love lv".

My (Paternal) Great Aunt Bobbie has just been diagnosed with Stage One Breast Cancer, and is following up on her test results and talking with a surgeon. She's in her 70's. Nonetheless, we'd love to see her beat this too.

My paternal G-ma was a breast cancer survivor.

Please remember LV & Bobbie in your prayers.

So far there are no cases on my maternal side....yay!!


Kathy said...

I'll be praying for them both.

garnett109 said...

they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Traci said...

I'll try to do something to help. Our town has nights that restaurants donate part of their proceeds. I can swing by Captain D's for sure!

Missie said...

I always pray for any woman or man that suffers with Breast cancer. I have my mom, my grandmother and my great aunt all on my maternal side plus an aunt on my paternal side.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...
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