Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kowabunga, but I feel like a heel now.

It was a beautiful, cloudless day. The air temp was in the 80's. I had decided that Miss T and I would spend a couple of hours outside, she needed some color for this weeks dance pictures.

It was about noon. I noticed that Nanny had hung out some sheets to dry at her house. Decided to take "Just A Guy" by Bill Engvall out to finish it.

Of course Miss T grumbled, "I don't wanna be outside" but I insisted. She grabbed "New Moon" and headed to the trampoline to read to get away from my radio noise. Tom had been cleaning the night critters off the pool and had the filter running.

Soooooooooo tempting.

Then I couldn't stand it anymore.

I actually said "Kow-a-bunga" and jumped in the pool!

It almost took my breath, that initial shock as hot as my body was. The pool temp was 74.5 and GREAT! Only the top layer was cool, everything else under was perfect. While I was in, I did a short stint of water aerobics. I kept looking towards Nanny's thinking I'd catch a glimpse of her or that she would show up and say "Gosh, isn't that water too cold?".

All in all we were out there about 2 hrs before deciding just to chill on the deck. Then I called Mom to see what the status of the boats (2) were. Both are here at the farm being cleaned StepDad said he'd come put the cover back on the engine and launch one so we could take a ride.

Speaking of taking a ride, my lil nephew was up in the air today with his Papa flying over our house and his house and my Mom's house then they flew to Elizabethtown to refuel and have lunch before coming back home.

After about 30 mins stepDad called back to say, wait till next weekend, too much left to do to get the boat ready, and besides the water was very choppy. Not condusive for pleasure boating.

OK fine. I hop in the shower, send Miss T in for hers. In the meantime, I am just relaxing on the couch, playing a game of "Aggravation" with Miss T. 6pm rolls around and I'm wondering "what's for dinner?"....suggestions were made.

By 7pm I'm ready already and we hop in the car. As I pass by Nanny's I notice her laundry is still on the line and I have Miss T give her a call to break her shoes about it.

She had just come in the house.

She had FELL in the GARDEN! Went out there at 10:30am, got about 1/2 of a 40' row of mustard clipped and FELL OVER! I guess she just lost her balance.


Do you hear this? She layed in that garden for EIGHT HOURS!!! and couldn't get up! Couldn't yell for anyone - no close neighbors - and didn't have her phone with her.

So she slept! Then eventually crawled over to the fence and basically climbed up the fencing to her feet.

No wonder I kept looking her way....something had me looking, I just wasn't looking in the right direction.

OMG! I have allowed my Nanny to lay there! Not once did I bother to call her today and see what she was up to. It didn't even occur to me that she hadn't called me. Although my Mom had called a couple of times, I thought it might be my Nanny. But still, I didn't call her.

Strangely enough my stepDad didn't spend his normal time at the farm today. He's usually there until 2pm but had gone home to help Mom with some flower planting.

I turned around and went to Nanny's to get in her laundry and had Tom gather the eggs (image: yankee/city boy in a chicken lot). When Nanny came to the door her face was black with dirt --- she was dirty from head to toe and burnt! (She already had a good base tan)

She was attempting to take a bird bath in the sink and I said NO WAY. You're getting in the tub. Got her a stool and helped her in. I washed her hair and gave her a rag with soap to wash her face. Then I washed everywhere else.

Ya 87 her boobies are prettier than mine!

She said "that water feels sooooooooo good". Miss T had already called my Mom to tell her about this and to "get over here".

Nanny said she immediately fixed a glass of lemonade and then a glass of water when she came in and took 2 Aleeve. We made sure she kept drinking and Tom ran out to get her a hamburger, just to get some protein in her tummy too to keep her from getting so sick.

She dressed and I had clipped one of her Aloe plants and rubbed on her shoulders and arms and she put some on her face. You could see it in her eyes she was drained. After a bit, I heard it in her voice --she was fine, normal, but tired.

My Mom didn't want to leave her alone, but she insisted she'd be fine. Was gonna take a Xanax and go to bed. We didn't come home until 10 pm. I'll bet she sleeps all night....boy is she going to be sore tomorrow. Kept complaining about her shoulder and kept an ice pack on it.

Keep her in your prayers please, she's a trooper, an independant soul, but stubborn! No signs of anything wrong, no stroke or other weakness.

She said she'd call me in the morning....I hope she does.

I'll go up there tomorrow, fix her something to eat; clean the kitchen. Fold the laundry that I put in the wash/dry tonight for her.

I hope she will be OK. She's a very Godly woman and I'm sure she's already asked for the Lord to keep a watch over her.

I'll do the same.


Kathy said...

Oh that poor thing. How scary it must have been for her. I will say a prayer for her to not have any residual effects of falling. Don't be too hard on yourself. You didn't know. I know what you mean though. I have an 83 year old widow living next door to us by herself. I sometimes forget she is alone and go about my own business instead of checking on her regularly. This is a reminder for me to call her. Take care and give your nanny a hug tomorrow.

LdyRoxx said...

I feel so bad for not checking in with her more regularly...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

A tough day for Nanny, but not your fault, you cannot be there every minute. No guilt, OK to have regret about not checking in, but not your fault :o)

garnett109 said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your nanny!

Now I'm going blind can't get 78 year old boobies out of my head!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Whoa Mama!!......My prayers are with your Nanny and your entire family.....

Enjoy your Sunday....LindaMay

Martha said...

Oh no! Poor Nanny! Please let us know how she's doing today! I know you must feel terrible. Love and hugs to both of you!

Beth said...

Oh, bless her heart. I'm glad she's not hurt--she'll be okay. Ken is can't be there every second, so please don't feel guilty.