Sunday, July 15, 2012

OH Boy!


well, up and down, just like a merry-go-round.

I'd like to say it was fun here at the circus.

Unfortunately, think "Nightmare on My Street".

Last August, hubby had his week in the hospital.  Here we are almost a year later and I'm not sure where all that stands yet.  Cirrhosis -- funny sounding word, even weirder disease.

The tough thing for hubby living with this is that he thinks he is "fine".....only the toxins that don't get released from his body only build up and by UP I mean UP!  To the brain they go to chomp away (think Pac-Man) at the brain cells.  This gives dear hubby a case of the not so smarts.

Some days he seems as sharp as a bowling ball...others he's normal.  The days when I catch myself thinking "why doesn't he get this?" -- I wonder, is this the result of the disease?  Is this the "bad day" of those "good days and bad days" I've been told about?

Most people see him and think he's "normal".  But I live here everyday and watch and wonder.

Hubby thought he could "handle" drinking, again.  That just lead to worse things.  A car tire blown out (from hitting a curb) and I'm furious because "obviously you can't handle a car" and I have a small chat with his Dr about maybe it's time to yank his license.

Dr came up with the plan to go to therapy and get back in AA.  Hubby has been complying.  However, his theory about it is this:  "I'll go until it starts costing me a lot of money".

Doesn't matter if it HELPS or not........just don't take "my money".

Any time you challenge hubby about his actions, he is of course defensive or answers with a question....complete reversal and let's get off the subject of "me".

And what about "me".....?

Well....ME me is going to the beach for a couple of days of RnR with Miss T.  Meeting up with a J-Land friend - becoming our tradition!  This vacation will be very welcomed in my life right now.......

Hubby is sulking over it.

Too bad.

He's had many "days out/vacations" with out me.

Thinking about making this a PRIVATE blog.
Email me your addy so I can add you to the reader.

See you by the sea!


Shelly said...

Yes! A trip to the beach is in order! Wait, you did mean Florida right? lol I'm sorry Tom is going through this and you and Miss T. too. Life sucks sometimes. But the sea soothes the soul!!!! Love you woman. Hey Angie is coming to Fl too soon.

Shelly said...

Don't forget to add me to your life of private readers if you make this private.

Ken Riches said...

Enjoy the break, you deserve it.

egtara said...

Enjoy the beach.


Barb said...

Oh do enjoy the beach, hon. You do deserve. Life is tough; showing up for it even harder so you deserve a medal. Will be keeping you and hubby in prayer. Thank you so very much for reading My Johnny blog.
Take care now. And please add me to your list if you go private. My email address is