Saturday, July 21, 2012

NY Comes to DIXIE

I love to meet up with friends and have laughs. 

When my friend Ellen comes to the south we try to get together and this year she invited me to stay with her while she was here.  Since we get along as well as family and she insisted I said OK!  But only for 2 nights....not going to ruin their vacation.  We spent the days by the beach or pool and had wonderful dinners.  Her kids are wonderful and we love them!!

Choosing a restaurant is easy....we all like the same things.  Miss T suggested the Hard Rock Cafe which was unanimous by all.  Eating together is a hoot.  Of course we have "Sweet Tea" in the south; they have "Iced Tea" and I wanted to know what the difference was......nothing, except that a lot of the time in the North the tea doesn't come sweetened.  You have to do that at the table and do you know how hard it is to sweeten a cold drink?  Sugar doesn't want to melt!

When we visited NY, Miss T asked for a "to go cup" for the rest of her drink....the restaurants don't do "to go cups" and find it odd that anyone would ask for one.  Today, after lunch, the girls asked for "to go cups" and were given HUGE ones!

Y'all is a southern thang....and to hear them say it............well, just ain't right!  To us, "youse guys" is just as funny. 

We say "Ric-cot-ta" and they say "Rig-goat-a"; it's "Motz-sa rella" to us and "MOOTZ a rell" to them. A "cannoli" is a Can-oli but they say "Gun-ol-ee".

I get a kick out of my hubby when he's trying to be all Italian at a restaurant.  We both love to eat Calamari and us southerners will order "Calla mah-ry" but not him....HE has to ask for "Gahl - a mah" and let the word roll out of his mouth!

In the school system, how is Grammar taught? If  the "R" sound is missing (doah instead of door) or half the word is gone (y'all instead of you all) ????

Actually I LOVE to hear a Yankee accent!  And I don't mind making fun of my own Southern Slang!


Ken Riches said...

It is what you are used to. Learning to talk in New York but living in the midwest from 6-21, I have a pretty neutral accent most of the time.

Martha said...

Just glad yall had fun :)

Sharon said...

I know we all sound funny to each other. Cool how we can pick out the different sections of even our town. I think I can be neutral, but ...when it's on, IT'S ON!! Miss T says sometimes "gee that sounded so country" and laughs at herself!!!

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