Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Remember the MEME's we used to do?

 Found this over in my AOL Journals blog.  Lots of good times over there!

Meme Time! 
Using the third letter of your first name,
answer the following questions:  Sharon = A !

1. Famous Singer : Aerosmith (group) or Anita Baker
2. Four letter word : Also
3. Street : Airlie Road
4. Color : Aquamarine
5. Gifts/Presents : Alstroemeria (flower) 
6. Vehicle : Acura
7. Things in Souvenir Shop :  Art
8. Boy Name : Allen
9. Girl Name : Ashley
10. Movie Title : Animal House
11. Drink : Appletini
12. Occupation : Accountant
13. Celebrity : Anna Nicole
14. Magazine : Architectural Digest
15. U.S. City : Aspen
16. Pro Sports : Acrobat
17. Fruit : Apple
18. Reason For Being Late To Work : A late night out
19. Something You Threw Away : Ashes
20. Something You Shout : AHA!
21. Cartoon Character : Andy Capp
22. Song Title:  Aquarius


Martha said...

I remember them well. I still miss our old AOL days! I was thinking of you the other day when I saw that soda you love in the store here now. Remember the year you mailed some to me so you'd have it while you were visiting and then I got so sick that I ended up in the ER and didn't get to see you?!

Bea said...

Hi Sharon... I came by to see your blog because you left a comment in mine at A New Bridge. Which Carolina beach do you live? We love the Outer Banks especially, but when our son was younger, we frequented Carolina Beach, and others in that area. We also love the Beaufort/New Bern area for boating and fishing.

Sharon said...

Oh Martha I do remember that! I was sooooooooo sorry that you were sick. I was sorry I didn't get my Sundrop too!! LOL!!

Bea I'm between Wrightsville and Topsail, so you know my area well then! Outer Banks are gorgeous!

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