Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I gotta new toy just in time for my trip!

I'm in the big league now! Bought myself a laptop!

HP G60 16" screen; 3GB / 320GB with webcam & wireless built in!!

And the Vista Home...grr....I've been tweeking it. I've a good mind to put XP on and then dump Vista!

Thursday we're heading up to Winston to the School of the Arts for the weekend. Miss T will be in classes Friday afternoon, then a show; classes all day Saturday and part of Sunday. The forecast is for snow Saturday night. We'll see.

I'm so be going. The teacher chooses the students to go - this year I think about 20 kids from our studio. The largest ever!!

My nephew is much better...seems it was indeed an allergic reaction. His lil sister is good too...everyone is good!! (still knocking on wood)

Today is Tom's 30th day! Woooo hooooo! I've made a big deal of it, sort of. He had his eye on the 260pc mechanics tool set on sale at Sears for $199 soooo...yep, I bought it too!!

It's just like Christmas around here today.

I've been kicking around more on Facebook...that can be addicting. Plus Angie turned me on to some fragrent sites and of course I ordered some goodies. Figured Miss T would want to make some soaps again.

Ooooh yummmmmmmmmm....I smell warm brownies. Miss T popped some in the oven and WOW it's time to dive into them.

I would share, but......!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that things are looking up in your neck of the woods :o)

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Glad to hear things are looking for you

Missie said...

Once you use Vista for a while, you'll begin to like it. I love Vista.

Send me brownie if you have any left over! LOL

garnett109 said...

I have vista for 2 years now, Ilove it.
It takes getting use to but when you do it all comes natural like xp.

Traci said...

30 days is huge! They say it takes about 6-8 weeks for alcohol to get completely out of your system. He should be feeling much better physically soon! Wonderful news. It's a report I've been praying for for both of you!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

WTG to Tom!!! LOL at Vista...I'm fighting that one tooth and nail. I'm waiting for Windows 7 or else I'm buying XP again. They actually are selling them again. Have a good and safe trip. Love ya!