Friday, February 13, 2009

All's Good, knock on wood

Happily reporting that the Nephew was suffering from an allergy to the antibiotic Augmentin that he was taking. Hmmmm....must not be the penicillin doing it but the other ingredient since he's taken Amoxil before.

He went to pre-school this morning and I'll get to see him for a bit today (I got him a M&M's Valentine Candy!!) before me and Miss T head to Myrtle for the Dance Competition this weekend. Mr Man is not going. He'll be home, alone, by the phone as the saying car.

Speaking of Mr Man.

Interesting developments with him.

AA is going well for him and he even said this past Monday "I need to go to the meeting".

Everybody scream YAY!!

He did get the Antibuse Rx from his Doc on Monday and is taking it. This is a GOOD thing especially since I'm out of town this weekend and next weekend (Dance of course). Can you say TEST? If he slips off the wagon he'll get violently sick while taking the meds.

But I see in him an honest desire to be rid of his demons. He is opening up more with me and in the meetings (I'm told). Our home life is "easy" for now. Next Wednesday will mark his official 30 DAY dry anniversary and he'll get a new "chip" on Thursday. Let's keep everything crossed and the prayers going for the next 60 days. I'm told the first 90 are the roughest.

I remain optimistic and encouraging. This positivity can only help in his recovery.

There is an appointment made for next week with an attorney...we'll see what could happen then.

On another note, I'm looking for a new ride since the family truckster met its demise. I can't travel in this Altima, not to these dance competitions with all I have to take. Been looking at the Toyota Highlander....Tom isn't attracted to it...he likes the Buick Rainier or GMC's Envoy or Arcadia.

Sigh.......anyone have any experiences they'd like to share on a nice SUV?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I had an Expedition for a while and really liked it.

Traci said...

We love our Jeep Grand Cherokee! You may be looking for something bigger though.

Wow! Yay for Tom! 30 days is something!!!!!!!!!! That is some good news!

Beth said...

That sounds VERY encouraging!

Ken mentioned the Expedition--loved it! We also had an Explorer, and that was a reliable one, too. (If you're getting the impression that we're Ford people, you're right!)

ADM DESIGN'S said...

30 days is great Good for Tom

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Staying very hopeful for you, Sharon. It does sound like the best Tom has done so far and AA is good. You are right about the Antibuse. He will be violently ill if he drinks while taking it. Wow, he never filled that script for a long time. Saying my prayers that he kicks this demon once and for all. HUGS

Missie said...

My bother took the meds to keep him drinking also. He got sick once and then decided not to take the meds. He still wanted to drink.

I have a jeep liberty, but I do have a lot of storage space in jeep to pack a lot of stuff.

It's not a smooth ride however. It is a jeep and rides like a jeep.

Have a good weekend.