Monday, January 19, 2009

SNOW ?!?!?!

Up to 4 inches of snow forecast around Wilmington; no word on school schedules yet.

(This was an internet headline on the starnews section of my AOL -- gotta love reporters....we barely got an inch)

YIKES! I hope that's all!

The forecast is COLD all week...and the sky today is gray. Perfect for s-s-s-s-snow. It would be my neice (8 months) and nephew's (3 yrs) first snow ever.

I'm off tomorrow, so I will get my "snow day". Tom will be traveling to ECity for his court date.......ALONE! Nope, I'm not going. Not my problem.


garnett109 said...

I prayed that u guys got snow, since we all got some you need some too!
Hey Tom I'm pulling for you buddy!

lisa jo said...

we have all the snow you could want here...i know the little ones will love seeing it and playing in it for the 1st time! XO

Missie said...

Nothing like the face of little ones the first time they play in snow!

Should I be wishing Tom luck tomorrow? LOL

Have a good week!

Allison said...

There is snow way we will be getting cold or wet around here. Just warm temps, sun and fun in good ole Cali! LOL Have a happy week. Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

I live in Pender County right outside of Wilmington and WECT and WGNI are predicting an inch or less. Where did you hear your four inches at?

Rose said...

I am so sick of this longgggggggggg dang winter!!!

Anonymous said...
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