Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friggin Brrrr - Cold Day In......

Cold....it's just plain cold.
I'm not supposed to be cold. I'm a Southern Belle.
I'm a SOUTHERN COASTAL BELLE for crying outloud!!

Snow! Most of the afternoon a light flaking. Not much. Not like the headline on my local AOL said --- 4 inches. It was about one inch...maybe a bit more. Our coastal air helps to keep it at bay which is fine with me.

So we have a new President....big, nice speech I'm told. I didn't get to watch it at all because I was running an errand before the roads turned to ice. It was weird watching the snow coming down as we were swearing in the new President.

Miss T went out several times to "dance" in the snow...she loves snow. Later I went out with her for a friendly lil snowball fight. One time I was standing inside the door taking a pic of her holding the snowball and I said "dare ya". She tossed it as I snapped the pic and it whizzed by my head and into the house!

There is a Mr Man update....but I won't go into it now. He didn't go to Court today and not because of the weather. Some drastic changes are a coming.


garnett109 said...

We love snow up here in Pa.

lisa jo said...

the only thing that gives me hope is the fact that SOMEDAY it will warm up around where i am at and the damn ICE will melt. This winter SUCKS. I think it is a bit nice that Miss T had some snow to play with! XO

Missie said...

Everybody needs a little snow every now and then. Even you southern bells! LOL

OH oh with Tom. I'm afraid to ask!

Enjoy your day.

Beth said...

Sounds like you're in the same boat as our country...big changes! I hope they're all good rather than bad. :(


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

A shame that you are having to deal with this as such a difficult time.

Lisa said...

I got to hear Obama's speech and was leery but it was really good. It gave Americans renewed hope. I did a big entry in my blog about it, including a fashion update paragraph on what everyone was wearing to the big day. LOL LOL LOL I guess there is a touch of southern belle in me from living in the south these many years. I was happy to discover KY is still considered the gateway to the south and I can fit right in as long as I say ya'll a lot and drawl my words. I am just loving Kentucky. Hi to Miss T. Sorry I am very late getting here. It's been super busy.

Traci said...

I'm waiting on the Mr. Man update!
Glad the girl enjoyed her snow!

Rose said...

I hope all the change is good, it's time!