Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Reality

Lovely, just lovely. Going back to work after being OFF for 12 days. Isn't WORK a four letter word anyway? And Momma said stay away from 4 letter words, didn't she?

So here I sit at work, trying to remember where I left off. I have a tub of mail, you know the kind they give you at the post office when you've been GONE for a long time. It's time to pay bills and get the draws from the clients. Balance 8 checkbooks and begin the dreaded W-2's.

I had a terrific headache yesterday and stayed home. Told Tom I wanted a week in the Tampa/Sarasota/Nokomis area....just to do nothing! He said when and I said NOW. I had wanted to do this and that and didn't get the time. Guess I could have "bit the bullet" and let the FIL assume we could only be with him for 2 days, but......

He's 80. How many more holidays will there be?

Now that I'm a certified flyer, I can JET off anytime...well, as long as Mr Wallet and Ms Bank Account says so. Hmmmm...weekend getaway? I sat looking at my map of the area, saying to myself "I didn't go here and there and....."

I gotta say...Miss T did an AWESOME job in the airplane. The trip down you could see the fear in her face (I have pictures). She claimed she was "never doing that again" but as the week wore on, she realized it wasn't so bad.

The flight home was bumpier than the ride down...I pointed out to Miss T that there were scattered rain clouds about, and that she had learned enough about clouds to know if they had water in them and we "drove" over them, we'd "bump" just like a car does on the road. She didn't pull my arm off this time! All she wanted was something to drink....when she's nervous, she's thirsty!

Tom? Well waiting for us in the mailbag at home was notice from the Attorney of the new court date of January 20th. Remember he was "appealing" the previous decision. I think he'll lose the appeal especially if he gets a jury with some MADD mothers etc on it.....but, the attorney wanted the sentencing of "1 year no license and probation and $500 fine" in the bag before he would do the appeal.

I think he should take what he got....he could get worse. We'll see.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Vacations never seem to last long enough and the work load that awaits you gives for another reason to vaca. Hope your week is good to you. Take care,

garnett109 said...

Tell tom to take the year

lisa jo said...

one year and $500 fine? Could be alot worse.
I hate flying too so i feel for Miss T. Hope work went well. XO

Missie said...

I need a vacation!

I'm glad you and Miss T had a good time.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...back to reality sucks, especially when you had a piece of paradise. I think if I were Tom, I would have skipped the appeal. HUGS

Anonymous said...

isn't the time off great

Heli gunner Tom said...

I just joined your blog 'followers'!
As for DUI, I know the punishment is tough-- but so is the crime when you kill an innocent. I never got a DUI, because if I want some beer, champagne or spirits, I just buy and take it home to enjoy in moderation. But if I were to drink something with my meal out side the home, I just let my wife drive.
Nice post !

Tom S

Lisa said...

That is awesome to have 12 days off and a wonderful vacation... I pray the days back at work go quickly and smoothly for you. I will keep Tom's court date in my prayers.

Jill Marie said...

Hi Sharon! I was just stopping by to see how you're doing and wish the best with the New Year.
Be careful...I think they shortened the length of an hour in 2009. For some reason, it seems like not long after I get up it is time to start fixing dinner. What the heck? LOL
Take care!
Jill Marie

Martha said...

Hi Sharon!
Sorry I haven't dropped by, still recovering slowly and the whole back to work thing all week hasn't helped matters much!
Did I ever send you an email to thank you for the adorable ornament you sent? I don't think I did!! Sorry, I've been so out of it! I love it (even if I was a no show) - it will always remind me of our previous meeting.
Hope you'll be back soon! Hugs!