Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I almost ran Joseph over

This has been an interesting year and Christmas for me.

First, Tom's spiral out of control; then his sobriety! Yippee!

A friend now spiraling out of control on drugs and pushing everyone away - she even left home, a husband and 15 yr old son. My heart breaks for them. She won't answer my messages.

An unorganized dance schedule; job cuts and both court dates done.

With Tom on probation, we did not get to make our annual Florida trip this year to see his Dad, Brother and MY TRIP to Nokomis for the now annual reunion of some of my favorite JLand peeps. That I'm so sad sad.

We'll try to make a Spring trip.

The week of Christmas I had begged for my 4 yr old nephew to come sleep over and hang out with us. His Mom and Dad work; my Mom wanted a day off from babysitting ---- so why not? Only his parents never answered me....until the Tuesday that I wanted him.

I got a call from my brother saying they didn't want Nephew staying overnight due to "Tom's drink/drug issues - you never know if he might have made someone mad that would come to get revenge....." and how his wife just wasn't comfy with that. PLUS some of the "kidding around" we do, well, that's just not the way they are trying to raise their children.

I reminded brother dear that Tom was 11 mos sober and did he forget that his sister slept with a gun beside her and that if ANYONE should be afraid it would be any intruder! But that as a mother I could understand his wife's concerns to a point; however, ALL OF A SUDDEN????? HELL NO!

Whatever.....whatever makes her comfy. I didn't need to fight this....not just yet. It was just a couple of days until Christmas and I knew we needed to be peaceful. Besides, I would make my point, yes I would. Somehow I would get in my digs about how I would "miss him this summer while I was in my pool".......or "don't ask me to babysit" a gentle manner of course.

I called Mom. Filled her in. Shocked she was; she told the stepDad; he had a talk with the brother about "hurting your sister's feelings". He said he didn't mean for that to happen and he figured he had not said the right words the right way.

Ya think?

Guess who ONLY wanted Aunt Sharon all Christmas Eve and Day? Yep!! I couldn't do anything without him....he even wanted to come into the kitchen to eat Eve dinner with me rather than the others at my Nanny's dining room table. Aunt Sharon, come on, it's time for presents!.

Guess who said "I wanted to have a sleep over with you but why didn't I?" answer was "I know, but it's Christmas week and everything is just sooooo busy right now". Didn't satisfy him.

I said to my SIL "It's a shame he doesn't love me". (DIG)

Anywho, my Mom went upstairs to show brother a mirror Christmas Day after lunch and they had a talk! She explained to him how Tom had really changed and how much she enjoyed being around him etc.....also that Sharon protects Nephew and loves him as if he were her own. And by the way, she takes up more time with him than you or your wife EVER have with Miss T. She also asked brother if it meant that she wasn't going to be allowed to bring him to our pool this summer? He said "Is that what Sharon said?" and she said NO, it's MY question because of what you said about your kid not going to her house. In the meantime SIL came upstairs and got into the conversation.

Later brother tried to get me to go out to the garage, but I declined. Then I got a text from him, saying he wanted me to go out there so he could appologize.....for what I asked......for being an ass. Said his kid was welcome anytime at my house.


My Nanny, 87, God Bless Her....fried chicken, made rice, gravy, field peas, homemade choc cake, lemon & coconut pies for our Eve dinner. Awesome! Her home is truly a Christmas House, all decorated, 7 trees of various kinds and sizes, Santa's everywhere, several Nativity scenes.

I didn't decorate full out this year......wasn't in to it.

Christmas Eve I texted a dance mom "Merry Christmas" and she said no.....they were at the ER; her kid's father had a massive heart attack and died - he was only 41. SHOCKED. The kid is only 14 (she's at my house now) and I'm so afraid that she's going to turn into a rebellious kid. Hanging around with the wrong kind and least the Mom could turn to the Dad and stepMom for assistance keeping her straight. So very sad.

Christmas Day was windy here. We looked out my Mom's window and wondered where Joseph went? He had left the manger scene outside, poor Mary and Jesus all alone. Before long I realized it had gotten dark....time to go home. I began to back out of the driveway, then decided to go around the circle instead.

Was a good decision......we noticed Joseph was near the driveway, face down, lost, cold, lonely.

I left my laptop behind so I turned around to go back to Mom's....stopped by the road to let Miss T get out and help Joseph back to the Manger.

Otherwise, the story would have a different ending after all these years.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Nanny Rocks.

Hope you have a good 2010 :o)

E-Lo said...

Hey there ! It's been a crazy year for sure... looking forward to 2010. I hope you and your brother work out this situation, he cant keep nephew from you, not fair to either of you. God Bless you this new year !


Traci said...

Wow. To all of it! Glad you didn't run over Joseph! Wishing you a Happy New Year! So thankful that Tom is sober! I'm still praying!

Kathy said...

Sounds like things will work themselves out between your brother and sil and you. I wouldn't want your nephew to not be able to enjoy his aunt Sharon. Your Nanny is really something. Bless Her Heart. And poor Joseph, glad you were able to save him from who knows what? Happy New Year to you and your family.

Martha@Menagerie said...

::Sigh:: All I can say is goodbye to 2009 and hope this year will be a better one!
Love, hugs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!