Saturday, November 28, 2009


One would think that having the last several days off that I would have accomplished a lot.


Well, I did a little cooking Wed for the Thanksgiving celebration at my Mom's on Thursday. Mom cooked the turkey and ham, but the Turkey wasn't the same this year.

Friday Miss T and I braved Toys R Us at midnight.....nothing I bought was on sale! Phooey!

Last night Miss T got the tree up. Today I tackled the lights, all 1500 of them; put on a few of my ceramic and glass ornaments and the bow/streamers. Miss T is supposed to finish it. Maybe Sunday we'll finish the looks a bit bare right now. It's done in Red, White and Gold. Tom hung the wreath on the door. Other than that.....that's it so far.

Tonight one of Tom's "Anti-drunk" friends had a birthday party which we attended. It was a nice bash; catered food, drink variety and a DJ.

This week Tom has to do 3 of his 7 jail days; Tues 8am unitl Fri 8am. Then next week he finishes the 4 days. Aahhhh quiet! Still means I'm the TAXI/chief-cook n bottle washer while he's away. I will have Wednesday off, so hopefully I can get busy with house cleaning and finish the decorating.

On to the holidaze.......

The local radio station started playing the 24/7 Christmas music Thanksgiving Day. I love Christmas music! What is your favorite song? Mine has to be "O Holy Night" and "Carol of the Bells" and of course "Santa Baby"!

I would love to get some new decorations. Guess I'm just getting bored with the same ole same old. I didn't even put some of my old ornaments on the tree....just the special ones like "Our first Christmas Together" and Miss T's 1-5 yrs; some she made in pre-school and my Chris Mouse ornaments.

Thought about changing the color scheme, but RED is THE color for Christmas to me (and it's also my favorite color). So I have lots of RED and white lights....Tom wants colored ones -- NO! The white lights remind me of candles and stars. After all, what other kind of light did they have way back in Bethlehem?

Snowmen too! I like those....I have a blue snowman shower curtain in the hall bathroom and a snowman on the shelf. Besides, you can keep them up through January. No need to hurry up and put them away.

Speaking of putting them away.....used to the day after Christmas my tree HAD to come down. I was tired of it! My Papa used to say you had to keep it up until "Old Christmas" (when is that? Jan 7th, 9th or 12th?). He also said that the animals would face East and get down on their knees at Old Christmas too. Anyone else hear of that?

Cirque de whatever it's called is having a performance called "Holidaze" this month up in Raleigh. I have tickets for us to see the show. These are the acrobatic people who perform. Since Miss T is so flexible I thought she'd like to see it. We'll go up next Saturday, have lunch and catch the 2pm show and come home.

I've wrapped some gifts already. Got most of the "mail away" gifts; just need one more then off to the post office they go. Gotta check my list, see who's been Naughty........and Nice. I will fall somewhere in between I'm sure.


Kathy said...

I plan to dig out my Christmas decorations today after church. I love Cirque de Soleil, they are so amazing. I know you'll enjoy the show. Have a good week.

garnett109 said...

silent night
little drummer boy
rockin round the xmas tree

are a few of my favs

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are getting into the spirit :o)

Martha's Menagerie said...

I haven't even really started thinking about Christmas yet - and I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow ::whine::

A Middle Aged Mom said...

Silent night is my favorite Christmas song.

Have a good night.