Sunday, August 23, 2009

I met Ellen!

It's about time too! LOL. I finally got to meet Ellen (NY State of Mind), a fellow JLander from the days when AOL was good to us.

2 years ago Ellen was coming through our town on her way home from vacation to visit her sister in law and family. We had hoped to get together then, but our schedules just didn't allow it.

The next summer she got a different job and wasn't able to make the trip.

So finally we made plans for this year. Since her SIL's family is near me ( our kids are in the same school too), we talked via Facebook, making our plans and I followed them to Myrtle to the condo. We left about 8:30am for the 1:15hr trip.

It was like old home week, except it was one day.

TnT went with me too. Miss T didn't hesitate, anytime you say Myrtle Beach she's in the car. I told Tom that he'd enjoy meeting these people, especially since they were from his neck of the woods....NY. And talk they did!!

It's a good thing I can speak NYeese -

Ellen's husband met us all in the garage and gave us our parking passes. I went over to greet him with a hug just like "long time no see". Then it was up to the room.

Wow! Ellen is more beautiful in person. She was just as expected; warm, sincere and fun. And her kids! Double WOW. The daughter (10) accepted us into the fold and immediately took a liking to Miss T, as did the son (15).

Now about that..............

Well, let's just say - Ellen, we may have to begin saving money NOW for the wedding ROFL.

The girls played in the pool and the boys (hmmm the men count too - 5) played in the surf. The weather was beautiful and the water was perfect for wading or swimming and the guys got in some boogie board time.

Lunch was a delicious meal of bread, salad, meatballs and rotinni cooked by the Inlaws and consumed by all....twice! Guess it WAS good....

The kids stayed busy on the Nintendo's when they weren't in the water. Luckily those games interact so they could play "teams" and I learned a new trick. You can buy an adapter to house all the games in one place on a miniSD card. Thanks "J"!!

After waiting the traditional "one hour after eating" (we didn't intend it that way, we were just talking and cleaning up) we spent the rest of the evening on the beach.

The "boys and girls" played frisbee; I took pictures while us ladies (and Tom) watched the game. SHOW OFFS!!

Hmmmm that's funny. Tom is always among the ladies.....well, we all know his legs don't let him participate in much, so he's better off hanging out with us. Except we can't tell all our secrets when he's around.....

Back up to the room to shower off and get ready to leave.

Only I really didn't want to leave. I could have stayed and talked all week (I know Ellen is glad I didn't). It was the best day I have had in a long time! A much needed "me" day with some good people. I am so very glad we were able to meet!

I would post a picture of us, but trust one wants to see me in my bathing suit ROFLMAO!!!! Let's just keep that to ourselves Ellen.

Now Miss T wants to go to Long Island. Hmmmmm wonder what for?


garnett109 said...

Sounded like fun to me!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like you got the respite you needed :o) Glad it was fun.

Beth said...

Glad you had such a fun meeting with a fellow blogger! Isn't it fun to meet in real life?

Missie said...

Sounds like a great time! You're so lucky being able to meet a fellow j-lander.

LYN said...


Linda :) said...

I love when jlanders get to meet in person.... What a great day!!! :)

Martha said...

How fun! I hope you will make your Florida trip again this year - and sure hope I don't end up in the ER on our meeting day again!!!

E-Lo said...

We certainly had a great time !
I'm so glad you were able to come down and hang with us. There sure are some "texting" going on now!!!
Love ya


Traci said...

Oh sounds like a great time!

Barb said...

How fun for you all. Glad you got to do that. I've met several Jlanders. Intend on meeting more at some point.
Have a good week.
Hugs Barb