Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foot pain and other stuff

A couple of three weeks ago I set out to take a walk with some other dance mom's. I didn't plan this...and I wasn't in the proper shoes. Just some Keds.


I have a heel spur and now it's aggravated the plantar fasciatis so the Doc wrapped my foot/ankle tight and said to leave it like that for 2 days. Wrote me a Rx for super dooper anti-inflamitory and some cream. Come back in a month.

He did say he was glad I was wearing the tennis shoes I came in with (Avia's). I have enjoyed these. My NB and Nike's just weren't doing it for me.

Very glad he didn't slice my foot open and start digging around. He of course wants to avoid that. Hello! Me too!

So what's up?

I had an enjoyable 5 days off and boy was it hard to come back to work today.

Last Thursday Tom had a court date, only to be put off until June 18th - the state hadn't received the results of the lab work. So much for the right to a speedy trial.

Friday....home alone! Oh yeah! Nice.... Later in the day I did something scarey....I opened an investment account. I decided to take a certain sum and buy into some stocks...haven't made a purchase yet, waiting for the right moment. Boss daytrades, so I'm expecting some good tips from him. Still waiting....

My niece had her 1 year old birthday party (a week early) and it was beautiful weather on Saturday for that. She's been sick but she was such a good little hostess that day. Even her big brother was a trooper.

Sunday was lazy....jumped in the pool finally. All that rain in the weeks before had dropped the temps, but they were right back up to 80! Afterwards, we went out to Macaroni Grill for dinner.

Monday we grilled burgers n dogs for the family. I had invited everyone, but my niece wasn't feeling well, so her mom and brother didn't come over; the brother was working; the baby bro showed up and did his famous back flips into the pool. Mom, stepDad and Nanny joined us. We just sat around, lazy, talking, laughing.

Miss T had the dreaded EOG's last week....but she just called to say that she passed them with flying colors...I knew she would. Why do they scare those kids like that? All these tests are for is to grade the teachers...poor kids.

Now it's back to the full dance schedule. I hope we have good things coming up for the summer session.

Maybe now I can get back to PSP'ing....


garnett109 said...

invest in banks they are coming back up.
what is macaroni grill?

Missie said...

I suffer from plantar facitis and the best shoe to wear until it subsides is crocks. You can buy their flip flops. Works just as well as the shoe.

Have a good one.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your spur goes away soon :o)