Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Longest Month of a Week...part 2

Well, with Nanny in the hospital since late July 18th, and Miss T battling H/F/M disease, there came up a fire behind my house.  It was obviously started by a strike of good old summer time lightening.  I'm thinking, here we go again....a couple years ago there was a wildfire back there that had us surrounded by firetrucks.  Lucky for us both fires were under control quickly. 

 I was planning to meet a J-Land pal in Myrtle Beach  July 31 - Aug 2 or so.  But Miss T was still contagious and I was counting days to be sure she could go with me and not infect anyone.  One thing I think helped her was using Tea Tree Oil on the areas that were affected.  Plus I made her sleep with her socks on after applying the oil!  Didn't want her running around the house oiling up the floors.

After I determined she was ok, my little buddy (nephew), Miss T and I went to see the new "Winnie The Pooh" movie - how cute!  Then he decided he wanted to stay with me for a "sleep over".  Fine by me!  Only I didn't know Hubby was going to be literally falling down....tipsy.  Mumbling something about "calling the Mafia" and "handling things"....whatever, just be quiet already!

In the meantime, Nanny was getting moved from one floor to the next.  Her numbers weren't quite right yet and then her Atrial Fib acted up a bit and well, she wasn't getting up and walking; not getting her strength back.  Her appetite was good.....I cooked dinner one night and she asked me to bring her some.  All this leisurely laying around though wasn't good....time to get back on her feet.  Finally, the hospital staff said she was good to go home IF she had round the clock care, in case she fell, or needed help;  well, that would be tough, so the best situation was to rehab at the local nursing facility.

Mom chose the one near our homes so that we could all drop in whenever, and keep an eye on things and just visit if we wanted to.  Nanny was in a room with a very nice lady named Hazel who, ironically, had decided to stay at this facility.  Nanny seemed to be enjoying her time there, talking with the staff and getting to know Hazel.  She said the people were nice and the food was pretty good.

So far so good!  Yay, Nanny isn't one to stay down.  She's a mover and a shaker.  As planned Miss T and I headed to Myrtle Beach to meet up with our dear friends for a couple of days of R&R.

Sunday was hotel was over-booked; so they were trying to find me another place close to where I needed/wanted to be.  As it was, I ended up with a $250 upgrade, a $100 credit to use on another booking before Dec 31 AND a refund of $25 as an "inconvenience" refund!  Pretty good deal....almost a wash!

We spent the 2 nights and 3 days doing NOTHING!  Ahhhhhhhh.  The first afternoon it wanted to rain a bit, but, hey, that's summer in the south.  My friends had some gift certificates to eat at Planet Hollywood compliments of their timeshare group, so off we went.  Along with these certificates came JUMP AHEAD SEATING!  Instead of an hour wait, we were seated immediately.  Monday and Tuesday was nothing but sun, sand, water and lots of conversations.  Good times with great people!  I'm thinking "I'd like a job as a perpetual vacationer" -- I could do a fabulous job!!

I really hated to leave and head home!  Work was calling and with Nanny in the rehab, I didn't need to ignore her....not that I was ignoring her, we had visited and we had talked on the phone.  That j-o-b called to me...$$$$ needed.  Besides, my friends needed to continue "their" vacation without us interrupting.  Just happened that they came into Wilmington on Wednesday to visit some family and we had dinner together at our local Chili's! 

On Thursday, my Mom had her youngest granddaughter and Miss T was over helping out.  For some reason (divine intervention) Mom took the kid home early and she and Miss T stopped in to visit with Nanny.  They were telling stories and Miss T was discussing her visit in Myrtle and Nanny was saying "I hope you didn't fall in love this time" and laughter and such.  I don't know how long they were there.....all I know is that Miss T called me and said.............

"Grammy thinks Nanny is having a stroke!"  She had gone to the restroom and the aide was helping her back in the bed.  Mom said "I looked at her and her eyes were rolling so I told the aide/nurse I think she's having a stroke!!!................"  They were waiting on the ambulance and I told Miss T to stay with her Grammy and help her, because she will need you with her to help keep her calm.

And then it was off to the ER....only we all went to the wrong hospital.  Nanny was in the ER at the hospital that was slightly closer.  The Doc was calling Mom.....they needed her there!  We drove very cautiously FAST from one hospital to the other.

It is amazing how many people IGNORE FLASHERS and just won't move over!! be continued.


Sonya said...

I hope your Nanny is ok. The hotel time seemed nice. Would love three days of "nothing". Take care.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like some tough times, trust me, I know.