Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying this out

Soooooooooo like all fads, this one has potential.

A high school friend called me and said HEY NC needs to get on this bandwagon.  There are loads of success stories.  I told her that I had first become aware of this product by visiting the Port Chuck band website and Steve Burton (Jason on "General Hospital" hunka-hunka) is a sponsor of the MonaVie System.

When you break it down, it's cost effective.  How much would you spend on an Atkins shake?  or Luna Bar?  or box of Slim Fast Snack Bars?  Even the Hubby considered Nutrisystem -- God help you if you didn't like the taste of the food they sent you!

Now I'll be honest....I was very skeptical about the price.  BUT divide that by 30 days, and I'm sure I'll have some left over.  I received 2 tubs of the shake mix....Vanilla is YUMMY and you can add fruit if you'd like!  I haven't tried the Choco Berry yet -- but I'm told it's just as delish.  The Chocolate Bars are GREAT!  And the Snack Bar (also berry) are very good - not cardboard or paste - real food!!  Also included in this package was a bottle of supplement pills to "boost" metabolism.

Since I've been sick with a sore throat and cough, I waited a week to try the product.  Plus it was also my birthday week, and, well, a girls gotta have CAKE right?

Sunday I made a shake mix - 8 oz milk with 1/2 a scoop of the mix and tossed back one of the tablets.  1/2 a scoop because with the fiber content of this mix, one doesn't want to BLOW the "diet" if ya know what I mean.  Tried the chocolate bar, the berry bar - nice; had a 2nd glass around lunch time.  Yes, I did enjoy my coffee that morning as well, and I'm sure I had 1/2 a sandwich or peanut butter crackers too AND I ate a normal dinner.  Wasn't starving........didn't have a headache from hunger pains.

Day 2 - Today.  Ditto.  Only with my 2nd glass I added more of the mix.  Today, maybe it's because I'm trying to get over this stinking summer cold, but .....I do feel better. 

My next trial is going to be the JUICE that they offer!!

Check it out!

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