Monday, March 7, 2011

Small observation/vent

So the economy is tanking; people are jobless, homeless and clueless.

Which brings me to an observation that I must vent about.

Bear in mind that I was raised Southern Baptist.

Hubby's Godchild in Texas is having his first communion - Catholic.  Of course HE is expected to be there, after all he IS the GODFather.   My Father in law made sure to remind him about his "duty" to this child. Round trip airfare is $350.  Wow, that's a nice gift for a first communion, don't ya think?

The same FIL that called up hubby last year to REMIND him of this kid's birthday "after all you ARE the Godfather" - again a duty call.  Hmmmm, I wondered if he made the same call to ALL of his children and to remind them of ALL the grandkids birth dates?  NOT.  For  lo and behold, my daughter's birthday came and went.

Now, my car is in need of a full set of tires.....I'm running on ski's right now it seems.

But, I MUST book this flight................?????????

AND I'm planning for the Florida trip in June where Miss T will be dancing down Disney's Main Street in the Parade -- a once in a lifetime experience.

Asking a bit much to travel to Texas for a communion?  Or am I not seeing the BIG picture here?

Feel free to contribute any funds for the FLORIDA trip to my paypal account!!!!!!!!  I'll let Tom fly by the seat of his pants!!


Happy Being Me said...

I think everyone is feeling the sting of this economy. What an honor to dance down Main street at Disneyland. I think I would have to tell them, if they want him there so bad they should fit the bill. Hoping everything falls into place as it should. Take care and enjoy your everyday!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

True meaning of Godfather is to raise the child if something happens to the parents. Gifts are optional.

Traci said...

Sounds a bit like my mother who decided that she and my dad could not possibly come out to see their only grandchildren for Christmas for financial reasons and then decided a month later that she and Dad needed to go to (are you ready?) Scotland in June.