Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sounds....not so silent ones

Tonight I was sitting with my niece and nephew while their parents (my brother) went out for a bit.  Yes, I am the good sister/aunt; anyway, Lil Mr Man and I had dinner together.  I had Hot and Sour Soup and he promptly noticed I had "worms" in it ....not really, it was the cabbage (I hope) or bok choy.

I was intrigued by the "school" attitude of my longer the mild Clark Kent, but ready to play "bad guy/good guy" and blow up my submarine.  I'm calling it a school attitude since he is in his last half of Kindergarten.   His first experience surrounded by a lot of kids his own age - sure he's changing, adapting, but, where's my little buddy?

Then his sister, almost 3.  Sweet, kind, caring, mild mannered for the most part tonight.  Don't get me wrong she IS headstrong and will do it "her way" and that's that.  She is sharp too!  Catches on to everything and takes notice of each detail. 

She loves her brother....when she noticed his "blowing up" of the "world around us" she would quietly remove her items that were in the way, to another area, all while she "cooked" a brownie and cupcake in her Little Tikes oven.  She spilled the tea, but said it was OK.

With Nephew in bed, my niece and I went downstairs to watch "Mousey"....what she calls "Tom and Jerry".  I enjoyed the background music while she carefully watched the pooosey cat and mousey.

I heard a scratching on a door and realized that it was their cat, closed up in a spare room.  So I let him out and for some reason he headed straight upstairs.  Then I could hear my nephew giving the cat orders to get out!! and then "Aunt Sharon, Bailey needs his dinner"....."come get the cat!".  Poured a scoop of dry food out for him honestly because I didn't want to smell the can food.

Later I heard a "meow" and the cat pushed open the bathroom door----to announce to me that he had a desire to go outside -- geesh, privacy here please!! 

Outside -- that is where I heard it.

In the still of the night, no wind, just a tiny breeze, I could hear the rumble of the ocean waves pounding the shoreline.  I LOVE THAT SOUND!!  Once more I realize that I could never leave the water.  I would yearn for the sound of the ocean.  It made me think of my favorite spot in Nokomis Fl, on the pounding waves on the shore.  Just lapping of small wakes made from the tide or a boat.  I love the ocean, yet the peacefulness of the Gulf is also magnetic. 

Once back inside to relax and wait for the parental units, I could hear the tick-tock of the clock and the grumbling of the refrigerator.   Typical house noises.  The dog and cat also stretched out to relax.....and fart....and lick....and snore.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you get to be a great auntie.

Janice said...

I enjoyed the post. You are definitely a talented writer. Love you

Missie said...

Wish I could be the auntie but all my newphews are grown up. Enjoy your week.