Friday, January 14, 2011

Where is the fine line?

We had our first "Blizzard" of the year.
Interesting how we got 6-8" of the pretty white stuff on Monday.  Tuesday it was beginning to ice over on the top which made it look like a rainbow of glass!  It was pretty.

My neighboring county (just 6 miles away) only got 1-3" and some parts of it got -0- which is crazy.  Or at least I think it's crazy.  Imagine it if you will....I left home and ventured into work and there was only an ice crusting in the planters when I got there!!

When I got home, I still had 4" of snow under the ice cap.  Hubby said "why do you look surprised?" and I explained how ILM didn't have ANY snow left and I come home to 4" still.

I never considered this until a friend mentioned doesn't always rain here when it's raining there.  You can see it coming or see it raining down the street at your neighbors house, but it might not reach your house.

But I never thought that if it was cold enough to snow, that it would not be snowing everywhere in our immediate area.  Not thinking in the terms that it doesn't always "rain" all over the place.  

Where was this "fine line" where the snow started and stopped?   

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Lyndsey said... that's way over thinking this snow thing! lol! It actually sounds like something I would do.

Living in Florida of course we see the fine line all the time in the summer during our rainny season. But you'd think the snow would be a little different blowing around and all!